Pet care made easy.


At INSTACHEW we had a realization that there was a lack of presence for innovative pet products in the North American market, like a smart pet feeder or a smart cat house. That is why in 2017 INSTACHEW launched with its flagship product, the Instachew Smart Pet Feeder. Since then INSTACHEW has partnered with leading players in the smart pet products category to introduce innovative products to all pet owners. 

INSTACHEW's collaboration with PETKIT has introduced a series of pet products that pet owners love. For example, the Eversweet Smart Water Fountain, shown on your left, has been a huge success with our customers. 


We strive towards helping pet owners find innovative ways to care for their pets. 


Mohamed Quraishi


Co-founder | CEO

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Pet's Name: Chewbacca (dog)

Favorite Movie: The Departed

Favorite Show: X-Men Animated series (1990s)

Ramin Sadat


Co-founder | COO

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Pet's Name: Leonardo Dicatprio (cat)

Favorite Movie: Black Hawk Down

Favorite Show: Game of Thrones

Jessica Cowan


Operations Coordinator

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Pet's Name: Olive (dog) &

Sky (Cat)

Favorite Movie: Bad Boys

Favorite Show: Grey's Anatomy

Kelly Faria


Marketing Manager

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Pet's Name: Luna

Favorite Movie: Spirted Away

Favorite Show: Friends

Irelia Liang


Account Manager 

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Pet's Name: Max (dog)

Favorite Movie: TBD

Favorite Show: TBD

Elenita Ibarra


Account Manager

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Pet's Name: TBD

Favorite Movie: TBD

Favorite Show: TBD

Joel Macpherson



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Pet's Name: TBD

Favorite Movie: TBD

Favorite Show: TBD

Haniah Ahmed


Graphic Designer

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Pet's Names: TBD

Favorite Movie: TBD

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