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Cat Trees


Cat Trees and Condos

Cat trees are the perfect way to give your kitty their very own kingdom. The best cat trees and condos are spacious cat towers where your kitty rules. They can lay, swing, and romp to their hearts desire. Plus, they're quilted or padded and made out of fabrics like carpet, fleece, or suede, which also makes these cat trees and towers excellent cat scratching posts for your kitty to claw at their leisure. The larger the cat condo, the more sleeping compartments and levels there are for hanging out and taking in different views of their surroundings. Check out Instachew's Cat tree collection today and make the perfect investment for your pet.


1. What are the best cat trees?


The best cat trees will be the right size for your home and cats and feature a durable design. Claw-friendly materials like sisal and carpet make scratching and climbing easier, while hanging toy elements add an element of fun, too. Platforms and cubbies provide a great place to hide and sleep when playtime is over.


2. What size cat tree should I get?​

You should get a cat tree that fits your living space and the size and temperament of your kitty. Compact cat trees usually work well for older cats and single-kitty homes, while larger trees, if you have the room, work well for younger felines and multi-cat abodes. Avoid getting a tree that’s too high for senior cats to help prevent injuries from jumping.

3. Where should I put my cat tree?


Put your cat tree somewhere that has a broad, panoramic view and in an area that will promote a feeling of safety and calm. Avoid placing trees in enclosed or tight places, and keep them away from loud noises like TVs and outside traffic. Experiment if necessary and see which locations your cat prefers.

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