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We partner with influencers to promote our products! You get a free product that both you and your pet can enjoy while also showing your audience how  our products work. Create the content you love by including one of our products in posts and videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok!


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A tinted window allows your pet to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Keeps them shaded and protects them from the harsh sun.

The shock absorption system is built into the backplate of the backpack. It's designed to force your pet’s weight onto your body and reduce shock when moving around. 

The wide bottom area is designed to give an ample amount of room for your pet to move around inside. It's also convenient for the owner to wear and transport.

The ventilation system allows for smart, automatic air control.  This keeps the bag comfortable and breathable at all times and minimizes noise interference.


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We know how much our influencers and their audiences love their pets, and want to give their pets something they can enjoy as well. We love to see the creative ways our influencers incorporate our products into their content.

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