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The Smart Space Leash is a hands-free retractable leash that can be used during the day or night. The Space Leash comes with an app-based tracker with added bonus features!


Charging Method – micro-USB
Voltage – DC 5V
Weight – 230 g
Battery Capacity – 200 mah
Rope Length – 2.6 m
Max Static Pull – 50 kg



max length

3 Meters in Length


recommended weight

Dogs up to 30 kgs


Connect with other 

dogs and their owners



Wear leash handle on your wrist


Control the leash using 

the app


Make the leash your own by changing the colour of the LED Ring  


Track your steps and routes

when outside

Elastic Rope

The rope is elastic which reduces the impact of sudden movements for both pets and their owners

go hands free!

Ever had too many things in your hands at once while walking your dog? Maybe you had to answer an urgent message on your phone or had a coffee in hand. Now it's never been easier to multitask while walking your dog!

Product Features

Product Features

The INSTACHEW Smart Space Leash App allows you to connect to other dog owners in your area. Share pictures, track activity, go for walks,  make new friends while out and about with your pup. 

Build Community

Product Features

Customized led design

The INSTACHEW Smart Space Leash app allows you to make your leash your own using the app. It works great for that night walks with your dog so others can see where you are. For safety reasons in the evening, an illuminating ring can be turned on as well.

Product Features


Track your routes, walks, and steps when out and about with your dog. The app keeps a record of your daily progress and monitors your pet's health at the same time. There is even an emergency setting that allows you to know when your pet is in distress. 

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