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One-hand Watering

The PETKIT Eversweet Travel Bottle for pets has a  press and hold water dispensing button allowing for a reversible functionality. If your pets don't finish their water, simply press and hold the button and refill with the unused water. 

The bowl makes it easy for your pets to drink from. The Eversweet Travel Bottle has been designed with a drinking arc that allows dogs from all sizes and shapes to stay hydrated. 

Easy to Use 

Portable Purification System

The activated carbon in the Eversweet Travel Bottle can remove organic impurities and capture excess chlorine in the water. 

One-touch leak-proof button

When the button is on the left, press it and the water will come out. When the button is on the right, the button locks to prevent spills.

The filter is extracted from coconut peelings, which removes the unpleasant odors and chlorinated residues. 

Secret of Healthy Drinking


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