PETKIT Cozy Gen 2 Smart Pet Cave

PETKIT Cozy Gen 2 Smart Pet Cave


The INSTACHEW Cozy Gen 2 Smart Pet House is a great and fancy ways for caring your beautiful pet. If you are anxious to take care of your kitty then it gives you the best solution. It's built-in infrared sensor mechanism will notify you of your friend's presence inside the house and you can easily control the temperature considering the suitability of your pet. INSTACHEW has some other products for your lovely pet and you will get everything you need for your beautiful pet.


  • Dimensions (mm) : 430 × 423 × 390

  • Pet type: Small / medium sized pet

  • Wireless: Wi-fi

  • Rated power: 18 W / 3000 MA




Intelligent Temperature

Measurement of indoor temperature

Ventilation Design

To balance indoor and outdoor weather

Sleep Tracker

Pet's sleep and rest time recorder

Infrared Detection

Wi-Fi operates with wireless connectivity


Numerous sensors for safety 

aPP customize

App customize and control home functionality

Product Features


The Rest Time Recorder feature provides data on your pet's total leisure time which may be helpful for future reference to share with your vet. This data will help your pet veterinarian take immediate action if needed. You can easily customize the temperature by observing how your pet feels or reacts. The whole process can be done by just using PETKIT mobile app. PETKIT Gen 2.0 will make your life more convenient than other pet lovers

Product Features


By using PETKIT app you can easily control the room temperature considering in which temperature your kit feels comfortable. Due to the wireless connection this system can be operated very easily without any hassle. Besides its resting recording feature can help you save data on your pet's sleep time on daily basis.

Product Features


The INSTACHEW Cozy Gen 2 Smart Pet House is made by healthy friendly metal with anti noise facilities system. It ensures your pets sound sleep and comfort. The PETKIT Cozy contains sensors that can track your pet’s sleeping habits. This information is presented to you in the PETKIT app.

Product Features


The PETKIT rest monitoring system will allow you to monitor  you pet's spent relaxing hour including sleeping. Its high-quality infrared sensor monitors pet's presence and transmits data to your handset. It gives you high efficiency against low energy cost. ​​

Product Features


You like your kitty so you need to consider how comfortable your kitten lives and what her health is. Our digital monitoring system app can provide you all essential data on screen like room temperature. By seeing this you can easily customize the temperature considering your pets comfort ability.

Product Features


The PETKIT Cozy Gen 2 has a multifunctional base feature that gives you more benefits such as increasing host durability etc. Additionally, the base of the Cozy 2.0  is designed to collect moisture and condensation, ensuring that the comfortable interior is always dry. It can create more comfortable sleeping environment for your pets.

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