INSTACHEW Smart Pet Feeder 2.0

INSTACHEW Smart Pet Feeder 2.0


There is nothing more exciting for your pet than feeding time. Once they hear the sound of food, they come running! Pets also thrive on routine, and now it’s even easier to stick to it from anywhere using INSTACHEW SMART PET FEEDER.


Material: ABS

Dimensions: 24.5 x 30 x 38 CM

Weight: 2.1 Kg

Capacity: 4.3L

Kibble Size: 5-15 mm

Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n

Power: AC adapter

Battery: 3 D Alkaline (only activated during a power outage; not included)



automatic feeding

Automatic feedings so that your pet is fed according to the schedules set


manual feeding

The instant Feed function allows you to feed your pet immediately from anywhere in the world.

scheduled feeding

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

portion control

Choose between 10-100 grams per serving

video monitoring

Easily capture amazing pictures, or record videos to share with your friends at any time!

dual audio communication

No matter where you are, turn on the mic on your app, and just like that, you can communicate with your pet in real-time. 

storage capacity

Store up to 4.3L of food, always sealed and fresh!

emergency power supply

Power outage?  The Instachew Feeder is powered by 4 D- cell alkaline batteries will ensure that your pet does not miss a feeding!



You got your feeder and are excited to start using it! This video tutorial will show you how to connect it to wifi, scheduled feedings, and set portion sizes. You can now feed your pet anytime, anywhere!



"The portion control is the best feature with this feeder. You can watch and talk to the cats from a remote location as well. The container keeps the food fresh and airtight. An amazing product!!!"

Amazon Customer

Customer Reviews 

Patterson Startton

Great product, but watch set up video on YouTube prior to starting. Also, set your home WlFi to output at 2.4g from 5g


Best pet monitor ever! Great support too.

Julie Nguyen

I was drawn in by their smart pet feeder and they shared the info about the feeder with me and the price was so affordable I bought one. I am still using it til this day without any issues.

where to buy 

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