Fresh Element 

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You get busy and it may slip your mind. With the PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder, it's OK to be busy.


You can set a schedule for your PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder to actively feed your pet while you’re away from home.

petkit app
petki fresh element feeder

Portion Control & Enhanced Storage Capacity 

Choose between 1/5th of a cup to 4 cups per serving and, can store up to 6lbs of food, always sealed and fresh!


Interactive App Enabled Feeding

Automatic feedings so that your pet is fed according to the schedule you set.  The Instant Feed function allows you to feed your pet immediately from anywhere in the world.

petkit fresh element feeder
petkit fresh element feeder

Double “Fresh Lock” System


PETKIT created the first double-fresh lock technique. Place silicone sealing ring at the food outlet door, then add the desiccant box on the top of feeder. Keeps food fresh, and avoids moldy food.

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