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11 Things Your New Kitten Needs

Here's what your kitten needs for a happy, healthy start, from the best kitten food to necessary care things you may not have thought about. Adorable balls of joy and mischief are kittens. You're in for many years of kitty antics and company if you've just adopted one. Get your kitten everything they need for a cozy welcome home so that your relationship gets off to a great start.

They seem to require a surprising amount of equipment for their small size!

It is your duty to supply the necessary fundamental kitten necessities for your new companion. When new pet owners visit my veterinary clinic, many are unaware of other factors, even though some of these items—like food, water, a litter box, and cat litter—may seem obvious. Moreover, there are a ton of possibilities available.

Here's everything you need for a kitten to be happy and healthy, starting from the best kitten food to necessary care things you may not have thought about. This can be used as a new kitten checklist for the new owners.

Cat food for pets

Prior to the arrival of your new feline companion,one of the primary kitten essentials is to have an ample supply of premium kitten food. The meal should consist of wholesome protein sources and nourishing components, such as taurine and choline, in order to be balanced and complete.

Until they are older and any indications of kidney disease are noticed, a dry-only diet or a combination of wet and dry food is advised.

Provide your cat with access to pure water at all times. Certain felines could have a preference for flowing water, such as from a drinking fountain or a tap.

Lastly, you'll need to purchase dishes for food and water. When your feline buddy is eating, choose bowls that are robust enough to keep them from toppling over. Choose a safe material, such as ceramic or stainless steel, as some cats are allergic to plastic.

Cat Treats

What do kittens need to foster good behavior? Treats come to mind, don't they? It's a terrific idea to give your kitten a tiny packet of snacks. They can be used to reward good behaviour in your new kitten or to encourage them to explore new surroundings, such as their carrier, before a vet visit. To prevent your kitten from growing overweight, don't forget to factor treats into their daily allowance as a percentage overall.

Bowls with food and water

Bowls for food and water exist in a variety of sizes, styles, and even heights. A higher bowl, a slow feeder, or an automatic feeder should be chosen based on your cat's size, feeding habits, and lifestyle. Consider rewarding your kitty with a cat water fountain if she enjoys the sound of trickling water.

cat feeder
cat feeder

Comfortable feline bed

Sleep is very important for every living soul to be happy and healthy; hence, while you search for the things you need for a kitten, a comfortable bed should also be on the list. Kitty kittens sleep when they are not pouncing, investigating, or playing. Given that the average kitten sleeps between 16 and 18 hours per day, it is obviously more important to provide them with a comfortable bed when your lap is not accessible.

Instachew Tangerine Felt Pet Bed
Instachew Tangerine Felt Pet Bed

Box, liners, scooper, and cat litter

The first items on your list of things you will need for a kitten should be a litter box and kitty litter. Choose a shallow pan to begin with so your kitten may easily step over the upper sides.

Finding safe-to-use kitten litter is another requirement. Wait until your pet is older before using clumping litter, as this can cause blockages in the digestive tract if ingested.

Finally, to keep the area around the litter box fresh and tidy, be sure you buy a decent scooper and stock up on liners.

litter box
litter box

Robust Cat Carrier

To safely bring your new family member home, you'll need a sturdy cat carrier when you pick them up.

Seek out a carrier with a comfortable floor pad, enough ventilation, long-lasting construction, and easy cleaning. Find out more about selecting the ideal cat carrier.

When you get home, make sure the carrier is immediately available so you can quickly grab it in case of an emergency or to take your kitten to the veterinarian.

Collar and ID Tag

An identity tag and collar will be your kitten's first hint that she has a home and knows who to call if she slinks out of an open door or window. Regardless of your kitten's fashion sense, the collar ought to be a breakaway design that releases if it becomes tangled. However, the most "effective way of being reunited with your kitten if they accidentally escape," according to Liu, is through microchips.

A grooming brush, flea comb, and nail clippers

In addition to allowing you to check for parasites and acclimatize your pet to handling, keeping a soft grooming brush and flea comb on hand is an excellent strategy to guarantee regular brushing.

Additionally, socializing kittens through nail clipping at a young age is a good idea. To make things move as smoothly as possible, get a pair of nail clippers made especially for cats. If you intend to regularly clip your cat's nails, you might want to consider getting some high-end clippers that can readily cut through more mature, thicker cat nails.

Scratchers for cats

Your new cat is naturally inclined to scratch objects and has sharp claws. Your furniture, draperies, or carpets can become the unfortunate objects of their clawing frenzy if they don't have specific scratching locations. Step inside, scratching posts.

Several scratching posts and scratchers should ideally be positioned in prominent areas of your house. These posts ought to be long enough for your cat to stretch out and solid enough for them to become thoroughly dug into.

Cat Toys

A revolving collection of plush toys to tote around, toy mice to swat, and catnip toys to bunny kick will delight your energetic companion. There is a large assortment of kitten toys available on the market. Interactive wands encourage human-kitten interaction while driving your rambunctious cat crazy. "Two of my favourites are the Da Bird wand toy and the Cat Dancer," says Liu. "Just make sure that your kitten isn't left alone with anything they could potentially swallow."

purechase cat toys

Cat Tree

Having a minimum of one tower or cat tree that is six feet tall. Choose a robust tree that has a mix of carpet or rope, cubbies, and perches. Don't worry if you don't have enough room for a big cat tree! There are several cat tree choices available for people who live in apartments and tiny places. Any room will be complete with the addition of window perches and cat-friendly shelving.

Kitten Proofing Your Home

Prior to introducing new kitten necessities into your home, you must conduct a kitten-proofing inspection. Before bringing your kitten into your household, ensure that the following responsibilities have been fulfilled:

  • Fasten the cords of blinds as well as any other stray threads throughout the residence.

  • Eliminate fragile products from shelves.

  • Dispose of chewable cords.

  • Gather any small objects that your kitten may attempt to consume.

  • Ensure that the flora in your home is cat-friendly. It is common knowledge that cats of all ages consume botanicals, including some that are toxic. Toxic houseplants should be stored out of the reach of your kitten or given to a friend.


Cats can safely consume many human foods, but some may be poisonous or cause them to have stomach aches. Store all human food and refrain from feeding them snacks until they are adults to be safe.

Make sure your house's doors and screens are tight and free of openings that your cat could utilize to get inside.

Any appliances, such as water heaters, furnaces, and blenders, should be blocked from access.

New Kitten Vet Checklist

Apart from answering the question of what new kittens need, you should also take care of the first veterinarian visit. Consult your primary care physician for a veterinarian checklist for kittens. As per the AAHA, this enumeration ought to comprise medical milestones such as deworming, vaccinations, prevention of heartworms, spaying or neutering of the kitten, and so forth.

Bear in mind that the inquisitive nature of cats frequently results in severe injuries to kittens, necessitating the expenditure of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars at the veterinary emergency room. The severity and cost of treatment for common kitten ailments vary widely, encompassing conditions such as the common cat cold and the potentially fatal fading kitten syndrome.


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