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3 Ways To Make Your Dog More Independent

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Maybe your dog has always been an emotionally needy pup. Maybe he or she is a rescue that makes it hard for him or her to leave your side, especially if she had past trauma. While it can be a sweet thing for your furry buddy to be clingy, allowing him or her to be extremely dependent on you will eventually lead to behavioral issues sooner or later. Not to mention, there is nothing like the thrill of actually seeing an anxious dog step out confidently on its own, tracking a scent, or chasing a butterfly while playing outside. Instinctively, however, dogs like being independent, so training your pet should be done naturally.

To encourage your dog to be independent, it is important to improve his or her behavior about the surroundings and strangers he or she encounters. However, it certainly won't happen right away. Though you may see significant improvements, your dog is likely to revert to her old reliant ways when faced with a difficult circumstance. In a number of cases, several repetitions are needed in order for your dog to become more independent.

Here are some of the factors to consider:

1. Determine What To Change

The first thing you'll need to do is identify your plans and goals for your dog. Think about circumstances in which he or she acts dependently and how you expect him or her to behave in order to truly accept those scenarios.t Instead of playing like the other dogs, does he or she cower behind your legs when visiting the park? Instead of kindly approaching your friends, does he or she bark or growl aggressively from your side? Think of these scenarios and determine how you can change them accordingly.

2. Focus More On Interactive Activities

When you're around to play with your dog, it isn't uncommon for him or her to disregard his or her dog toys. When you're not there to throw it at them to play fetch, balls seem to have no meaning. Moreover, some dog toys are interactive, making it enjoyable for your dog to play without your assistance. One way to get these types of dog toys is to shop smart pet products online or try making homemade puzzle toys for your furry friend.

If you're looking for smart pet products online, Instachew is open to provide you with everything you need to support your pet's journey to independence. Check us out today at to learn more about the products we offer.

3. Practice Socializing at a Young Age

If you have a puppy and you want him or her to grows as an independent dog, socializing is one way to seal the deal. It should start within a month and a half to four months, to be precise. Those are the preferred age when you can introduce the importance of good behavior and discipline to your dog. Take note that aggression should NEVER be taken as an approach to train your pup. He or she should still feel protected during this time, and staying cool can avoid any trauma of some sort. Any form of violence might end up influencing your pet's adult life.


It is worth the time and effort, both because it is enjoyable and rewarding to see your dog learn to adapt with independent enthusiasm and energy to explore new things on his or her own, and because the opportunity to independence would give your dog happiness and freedom in life that would otherwise have been lost to him or her. Dogs should learn to be independent despite their age, breed, and disposition, but keep in mind that each dog is unique, and our compassion and effort is the most important factor in training them to think for themselves.

To get started, visit Instachew today and check out the smart pet products we have available for you and your beloved pet!


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