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DIY Grooming Tips for Your Pet: How to Trim and Bathe Your Furry Friend

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Have you ever gone through that mood where you want to cut your hair off on your own? Like giving yourself a trim or adding some fringes to your day to day look? If you have, then you may have tried actually going through it and either regretting the result or actually liking it. For some pet owners, they also go through the same mood, but this time on their pets. Indeed, when your fur-baby has a lot of hair, you’ll be tempted to trim them on your own and do some DIY grooming at home. And with the pandemic and encouragement of the stay-at-home policies, you may find yourself wanting to do the job yourself even more. Fortunately, DIY grooming for your pet is something definitely doable. And we’ve prepared some tips for you to help you on that:

1.) Brush their Hair Regularly

Has your pet’s hair been looking unruly? Are you worried of hair matting and becoming difficult to manage? Before deciding to fully cut or shave their hair, add in brushing to your weekly routine. It doesn’t have to be everyday too, just as long as you regularly brush their hair to remove clumps and tangles. Brushing also gets rid of their shedded hair. It also gets rid of heavy dirt. A master groomer, Ray Truting, also recommends using slick, metal pin brushes for long-haired dogs as it can easily go through hair and pull out dirt such as grass and burrs. Short-haired dogs, on the other hand, are more suited with shedding blades. You can also get other pet products online to look for grooming items.

2.) Be Patient When It Comes to Baths

Bathing your dog is indeed a challenging task. Sometimes, it’s hard to get them to come up to the tub and they can make a lot of noise of complaints. Plus, it can get a little messy when they start shaking around. Those are some of the reasons a lot of dog owners have groomers bathe their dogs instead. The key to bathing your dog is patience. If it gets very messy, then that’s alright. You can always clean off the soap suds. And if they make a lot of complaints, reassure and comfort your pet to let them know you’re not punishing or harming them. Some babies just love to whine too. Most importantly, be careful when shampooing them so it doesn’t get on their eyes. Be gentle when washing their head too because most dogs panic when you directly splash the water on their heads.

3.) Be Very Careful when Shaving or Trimming

The number one rule when you’re trimming or shaving your dog is to make sure their fur is completely dry. Make sure to also find a spot in your home that’s free of distractions. It’s also recommended that you put them on a clean table (if you don’t have a grooming table) so they’re elevated. Also, expert groomers recommend to use just the shears’ tips when trimming your pet’s feet, tail, and face. This will help prevent any cuts if they move suddenly. When shaving, always check your razors as the blade can have a tendency to heat and burn your pet’s skin. When trimming their nails, make sure to stop when you see the pink area as cutting off way too far in this area can cause them to bleed.

4.) If You Can’t, Don’t Force It

If you don’t have the confidence to go through with the more complicated tasks like trimming or shaving their hair and trimming their nails, it’s best to not force it so you don’t end up hurting your dog or yourself in the process.


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