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5 Tips To Prevent Your Cat’s Great Escape

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

There are a lot of reasons why a cat loves to stay indoors. One of these reasons is for protection. However, there are instances wherein they attempt to escape and go outside. In very unfortunate scenarios, this could lead to your cat getting lost.

Domesticated cats who are not accustomed to the outdoors carry a greater risk of going missing if they happen to escape. Unfortunately, when owners attempt to alter this behavior, they are also trying to battle with the animal's innate instinct to discover the unknown.

Moreover, if you want to prevent your cat from escaping every time he or she sees an opportunity to dash for an open door or window, you can try to follow these simple tips:

1. Make Playtime Enjoyable

Play with your cat every day. Try various types of cat toys that will encourage your cat to stalk, chase, and scratch. When you've exhausted him or her, make sure to move your toys from time to time to make them look "new" and more appealing to your pet.

2. Distract Your Cat With Treats

When leaving the house, use a treat to make your cat move to a safe spot away from the door. You can utilize such as a cat tower or a cat tree. Give him or her a few more treats while he or she is there and offer him or her a few more when you leave. When you go, he or she will be overwhelmed and ultimately start ignoring the opening of the door.

Another perfect way to deter your cat from opening doors is to allow her to enjoy interactive cat toys. These electronic toys will amuse your cat for hours while you're gone and allow them to forget about their escape

3. Train Your Cat To Walk Outside

If you're residing in a peaceful neighborhood where you can walk with your cat without seeing any unleashed dogs, consider getting a collar and teach your cat to walk on a leash. This method will require time and patience, for both you and your cat, and it's best to do this when your cat is still in his or her younger years.

4. Build an Outdoor Enclosure

Create a secure outdoor enclosure where you can put your cat. This can provide some outside exposure to your furry companion and a good way to prevent him or her from escaping. This recommendation is outstanding if you're good at DIY, then you can create any type, design, and size of the enclosure you would like — but there are also a number of ready-made solutions available on the market.

5. Try To Change Feeding Time

If you will feed your cat every time you get home, then he or she wouldn't want to leave the house. And if he or she attempts to go outside, it'll be easy to call him back indoors if he or she is starving. Also, if you feed your cat before you exit the premises, then he or she is going to be occupied when you open the door. Moreover, this method will not work if your cat's food is always accessible – and there are still several other explanations about why regular feeding is safer for cats.

Whether you utilize cat toys, outdoor enclosures, a short walk in the park, or alteration in feeding time, you can always count on Instachew’s smart pet products to help make your plans work. So, if your cat still attempts to escape from the house, then following any of the tips above will surely help you contain him or her without making him or her feel trapped.


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