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A Homely Addition for Your Pet Cats—Benefits of Having a Cat Tree

We know that as a cat parent, you want the best for your cats. Yes, they are adorable, but they are also high-energy animals with needs. Even domestic house cats have wild instincts in them that you, as a cat parent, need to help them channel.

Contrary to the popular belief that only dogs are pets that require playtime and exercise, that’s not the case; cats have the same energy as dogs. House cats are restricted by space, but they also want to jump, run, and play. However, those needs do not get enough attention, and this is when cat trees, cat towers, or cat scratching pads come to the rescue.

cat trees by instachew
cat trees by instachew

What are cat trees?

Cat climbing structures are usually made using wood, cardboard, and some type of string. They come in different lengths and sizes and can accommodate both your fancy and your simplistic needs. Some even choose to make it a DIY thing, wherein they make their own versions and make it a lot more fun for their house cats.

Read on to find out some of the most practical benefits of having cat trees around the house for your cats.

Vertical space

Cats are prone to moving in all sorts of directions, and being up high usually gives them a sense of security. The top tree view gives them a vantage point to see what’s been going on around them and be aware of the predators—house cats see other cats they are not getting along with as the predators, visitors, other pet animals like dogs, and even children. Cat towers will allow your cats to climb up and feel safer, and they will also make them less likely to run and hide.

Cats can use this vertical space as their personal space, and if you have more than one cat, you can ensure they are staying far enough away from each other to avoid any conflicts. Cat trees also add vertical space to small homes, making them a bigger space for cats to live in. Cats are smart enough to figure out new levels that they can access in different areas.

Hiding spots

Cat towers or cat trees also come with deep beds or chubby holes for your cats; they make a perfect hiding spot, giving your cats a cosy space of their own. Well, if they do not use those hiding spots that often, they can still act as a stress-reducer for cats just by knowing they are available when needed.

Nail care

Cats tend to have these urges to scratch around. Cat trees are often designed with scratching in mind, keeping all the cat’s needs in mind. It is an excellent way to resist the growth of their nails. Our cat towers will ensure your cats get a good scratching session. Cats tend to want to scratch just after they wake up from a nap; in that case, having a cat tree around their sleeping spot would be a good cat-parent habit.

Spreading their scent

Scratching for cats isn’t just limited to their nails; it’s also their way of spreading the scent, which, for them, is an effective communication tool. These feline creatures use scent to share all kinds of information with each other. The scratching surfaces of cat trees are particularly helpful when you have cats that don’t get along or, probably, if you are dealing with spraying around the home. Cat trees will let them time-share different areas of your home and help them avoid conflict.

It is believed that when cats are surrounded by their own scent, it has a calming effect on them, and this is why you will see your cats scratching more often during times of stress.

Resting and sleeping spots

Yes, your pets can sleep anywhere in the house, and there is no designated area where they fit in; they do not conform to human norms! However, having a safe resting area will also feel like a safe haven. These spots are considered key resources for your cat; these are the cat tree benefits that make you want to purchase them right away.

Sense of security

Do you know why your furry friend jumps on tables and over ledges? It is because cats like places with a certain amount of height; it is inherent in them because they like to feel in control, and top view helps them scan the room pretty easily. This eventually makes them feel more secure in the space. The fact that cats are small creatures and do not grow more than a foot off the ground makes them prone to a lot of blind spots in the room, and having a sense of security will calm their nervous system.

Good placement for food

If you have multiple pets in your house, say two cats, dogs, or other pets that might steal and eat your cat’s food, Then cat towers or cat trees are a must for you. You can change the placement of your cat’s food to the top of the tower and keep them away from the eyes of another pet. This should not be a problem with good training, but it just adds to all the other cat tree benefits you can’t miss out on. Depending on the height of the cat tree, the placement can reach up to 10 feet. Once they are done with eating stay ready with the litter box so your house stays clean.

What should I look for when buying an indoor cat tree?

Here’s what you want to look for when you set out to get a good cat tree for your feline friend:

  • Material

The material you choose makes all the difference. Track your cat's scratching habits and choose accordingly from carpet, sisal rope, cardboard, and more.

  • Levels

See to it that your cats can climb.

  • Location

Consider the space you have in your house, particularly near a window, to give them a good view.

  • Stability

Will your cat tower stand up to an intense scratching and stretching session?

In Conclusion

To conclude, cat towers and trees make for a functional addition to your housecat’s life. Although they are a little expensive, it is equally important to understand that a premium-quality tower will last you for years. So hop on to our website, Instachew where we provide you with a variety of cat trees and towers for your fur buddy and give them something in your house to stay in. Get your cats to play and rest in a place that they can call their own. Read more about pet tips and pet products in our blog section.


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