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Comparison Of The Benefits Of Using Indoor Pet Cameras Vs. Outdoor Pet Cameras

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The Importance of Pet Security Cameras

These days, every responsible adult is aware of the concerns related to safety and security, especially when it comes to their families, home, and possessions. Nobody would like their homes to get broken into. Everybody ensures their homes are fully secured, and having security cameras all around your property will give you a certain amount of peace of mind.

Another additional benefit that security cameras give you is that they allow you to look after your pet at home, while you are away or running errands.

Benefits of Indoor Pet Security Cameras

1. Behavior monitoring

The major benefit of indoor pet cameras is that you can track the behavior of your pet, which can help you get to know them better and then train them better. If you notice any issues with the behavior in your absence, you can use that information to correct them. Keep track of how they behave with toys, home, furniture, etc. It will be your helping hand in making the necessary changes in their behavior.

2. Easy interaction with pets

Many indoor pet cameras allow two-way communication, which gives you the additional benefit of interacting with your pet while you are away. This can keep them entertained if you are traveling for days, and you can easily calm them or play with them when they are anxious or stressed.

3. The safety of the pet is ensured

If keeping an eye on your pet 24/7 is your goal, indoor pet cameras are your solution. It is your ideal solution for monitoring your pet and ensuring they are safe even while you are away. You can keep yourself updated on their whereabouts, which gives you the opportunity to show up or send help immediately for any emergencies.

Benefits of Outdoor Pet Security Cameras

1. Overall Pet safety

When pets are home alone, you cannot have control over where they roam around. Having outdoor pet cameras will help you monitor even their outdoor activity when they are outside. It allows you to keep an eye on them and make sure they do not run away or get lost somewhere unknown. It also takes care of the safety measure, where you can watch if your pet is attacked by another animal, like roaming coyotes or snakes.

2. Monitoring outdoor activity

Monitor your pet's outdoor activities, like playing in the yard or going for a walk with the dog walker. Outdoor pet cameras allow you to check if they are receiving an adequate amount of exercise and having good fun.

3. Protection against theft

Outdoor pet cameras protect your pets against theft, not many know this but even pets can be a target of thieves especially when they are breeds that have high resale value. An outdoor pet camera outside your house will catch any such activity and allow you to immediately take action, call the neighbor or police, and track them down.

Comparison Between the Indoor and Outdoor Pet Cameras

  • Durability

Outdoor security cameras are built differently; their overall quality and robustness are better than those of indoor security cameras. Although they might come across as the same, since they look alike there is slight difference in materials, built and structure.

  • Weather resistance

A very fundamental difference in the way these cameras are built is their weather resistance capacity. The temperature is higher outside compared to inside; hence, outdoor pet cameras have to be built with the capacity to wither that heat, rain, or even snow. They come with some form of sealing for weatherproofing and wide temperature ranges.

  • Tampering

The primary purpose of outdoor cameras is to keep security in check and record burglars and felons, but what if they can easily reach these cameras and tamper with them? Then it defeats the whole purpose of putting up cameras. That is why outdoor security cameras come with a special tamper proof design; in fact, some units even conceal the wires and keep them out of reach. Indoor units are made tamper proof, so anyone can easily access the slot in the wireless cameras that are made to record the videos.

  • Size

Size differs for both; indoor cameras are smaller in size than outdoor cameras, and they are more compact to fit indoors without taking up much space. These units are also light in weight, and they can be placed pretty easily anywhere. On the other hand, the size of outdoor security cameras is a bit larger as compared to their indoor counterparts. The added layer of weatherproofing and tamper proofing elements make it a bit bigger in size. All this naturally increases the weight of outdoor cameras, so you have to place them on poles or solid walls.

  • Installation

The mounting mechanism of indoor cameras is quite simple, all you have to do is place them in the best possible location, mount them, and they are ready to be used. Whereas, outdoor security cameras come with a different mounting system, and some would even require professionals for the installation process.

  • Low-light performance

Outdoors are usually less lit during the night, so outdoor cameras will need to have special infrared lighting systems to support low-light or nighttime recording.


Both indoor pet cameras and outdoor pet cameras have their own benefits, but having both will give your house and pet complete safety. However, the final decision still depends on your personal needs and preferences, and considering these factors, you can make an informed decision.



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