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Designing a Pet-Friendly Home: Style and Safety Made Easy

If you love animals, chances are decent that you'll take the extra steps required to turn your house into both your pet and your personal haven. In fact, a December 2007 Harris Interactive Poll found that almost 90% of pet owners consider their dogs or cats to be part of the family. That's a lot of individuals who are eager to share their house with barking dogs and pounce-happy cats, especially when almost two out of every three Americans own a pet.

Many people are allowing their residential premises to be inhabited by dogs, cats, and birds without sacrificing their sensory system or comfort. Many pet owners are remodelling and designing their homes with their furry pals instead of relegating them to the garden.

You should absolutely avoid using commercial floor cleaners if you own pets and instead invest in one or more of the best pet care products on the market. Ammonia can irritate your mucous membranes, eyes, and nose. However, it is considerably more damaging and hazardous for animals. The overpowering scent of bleach damages your dog's sensitive receptors.

1. Carpets are not their friends

As beautiful as they may seem, carpets are not your pets favourite places to sleep, play or to slide on. In most cases, it has been observed that due to the rugged appearance of carpet, pets loose hair and accumulate dander. This in turn leads to a breeding ground for bacteria and further a hosting ground for many diseases. It’s best to choose fabrics or floor materials that are easy to clean such as tiles, marble, wooden flooring, or even porcelain. However, while you select a marble tile flooring Make sure it is in matte finish and not glossy.

Glossy flooring often leads your pets to lose leg balance, thereby changing the poster of their leg bones leading to frequent slips and slides. There are a multitude of options available in today’s market which do not accumulate stains better and dirt, you can also ensure to anchor the fabric with skid pads or heavy furniture towards the edges so that there is not much area left for your pet to excavate.

2. Keep them playful

Ever wondered why playgrounds and play areas were so important to us when we were children? Well, besides the fact that we got new friends, we also got a space for us to grow, doodle, dawdle and experience the little joys of life. Considering your pet as a child is the very first sentiment you have as a pet parent as such having a play area for your pet inside the house ,or a designated corner in the lawn, along with regular play outings can be very helpful for physical and mental development. For a pet friendly play area, you can choose a suitable space with comfy furniture especially below a window which has proper air and light.

3. Own a Pet, Own A Bed

It’s good to consider napping with your pets, giving them your own bed while sleeping, cuddling and having a fun time. But, ever wondered why does your pet need a separate bed?

Well in the first place a pet bed is one of the most used pet safety products that helps with the skeletal system. Pet beds are designed in a way that is supportive of their bones and is soft enough to make them feel comfortable. Most pets do not sleep best when they are in bed, especially with pillows. Considering a similar front, a pet bed is very important to avoid health issues like arthritis, hip, dysplasia and other concerns.

pet bed
pet bed

The cushion in a pet bed helps the body and provides relief from any age related pain or health issues. Most beds today are designed with interlocking soft materials to ensure the comfort level of your pet is not compromised despite multiple usage year after year. This is mostly helpful in case of old pets and pets with sleep issues.

4. Take care of Wiring & Cables

Electrical cords, loose wiring in and around the TV cabinet, music system, and the computer set up is so common these days that we more often than not ignore the importance of boxing them when we have children and pets around. Unaware of the fact that cords and wirings are not edible, pets have a tendency to chew anything and everything they find on the floor or appear to be amusing.

This is a precarious situation and many pet parents find it difficult to battle so it’s best to box your wiring and cables or use wall lamination while constructing or redesigning an electrical unit. You can also spray soap smell around such areas to keep pets at bay. You can spray soap water or rub soap on any electrical cable that you find difficult to box up, so your pet hates it from the first taste.

5. Anti-slip Flooring

Choosing the perfect flooring option is basic whether it is something you designed for your human babies or your furry babies. Anti-slip sleep flooring prevents pets from frequent sleeping and sliding, thus retaining the skeletal system as is. Considering your pets heath to be paramount, be mindful of what you pick for the next 15 - 20 years to be a part of your housing

6. 24/7 Camera Watch

Modern day watchdog is a simple pet safety camera installed in an angle capable enough to give you a wholesome view of your place when you are not physically present. Having a camera, watching over your pets releases you from worrying about their safety. Pets are a member of the family rather than a temporary companion.

pet safety cameras
pet safety cameras

As such, making sure they always save a dedicated indoor pet camera will not only allow you to monitor their day to day activities but also notify you of any wrongdoing, before it’s too late. A few cameras come with inbuilt microphones so you are able to stay in touch even when you are away. Making your presence felt and your pet does not while. A dedicated pet camera will put an end to all the emotional outburst you experience while leaving them at home.

Don't be fooled with compromised pet care products and jeopardise the health of your pet. Repeated exposure to bleach can result in a condition where dogs lose their capacity to detect and understand the smells around them. chemicals and poisons that can be seriously hazardous to your dog, cat, or other pet. It costs more money to use a non-toxic, plant-based, pet-safe floor cleaning.



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