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Fun Ways to Exercise with Your Dogs

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

No. It's not only you who needs to stay fit and healthy. Your dogs need to, too! In this article, we will discuss some of the best and most fun ways for you to bond and exercise with your dogs.

Generally, most dogs would need at least one to two hours of regular exercise to keep them healthy. However, it would help if you considered that dogs, much like humans, are different from each other. Thus, as a pet owner, you must discover your dog's exercise needs. It may need some trial and error, but the process will help strengthen your relationship and keep each other healthy.

There are many activities that you and your dog can do to while exercising at the same time. You may have already played fetch with a ball or a disc with your dog. Did you know that you have already been exercising, then?

Here are some of the most fun and easy ways to exercise with your dogs:

1.Walking: As one of the easiest ways to exercise your dogs, walking is also an excellent way for your dogs to explore the world with its nose. Keep at pace with your dog and let them discover their surroundings while on the walk. Also, try to take different routes from time to time to keep things fresh.

2.Hiking: This activity is another way to explore your nature’s wonders. If you wish to take your dog on a hike, then remember to start with short hikes on days with cooler temperatures. Keep away from rough and challenging trails. Then, slowly increase to taking moderate hikes when you see that your dog has acclimatized to the environment and the activity. Do not forget to bring water always.

3.Jogging: After walking, jogging is an excellent form of exercise for dogs. Take note, however, that not all dogs get excited about jogging. So, make sure to check if your dog can tolerate this kind of exercise. Start slow, and then work your way up by adding more speed and increasing the distances taken. While on the jog, you can use a hands-free leash to make things easier. It is not a good idea to do off-leash jogging with your dogs as it may create safety and legal concerns. Most importantly, avoid jogging on hot asphalt as it may hurt your dog's paws. Also, do not jog in hot temperatures as it may quickly exhaust your pet.

4.Cycling: Not all dogs can run alongside your bicycle. As such, this exercise is not for everyone. However, if you still want to ride a bike with your pet running alongside you, then you should start slowly. As they get the gist of it, you may increase your pace. Remember that you still need to leash your dog. Thus, it would be best if you looked for a fitting bicycle attachment that can hold onto your dog's leash.

5.Swimming: People often think that all dogs are capable of swimming. However, this is not true. But if your dog loves the water, then you must let them enjoy the swim. Try to play the game of fetch with swimming to make things more enjoyable for your pet. Make sure to pay strict attention to your pets throughout the activity.

There are more activities that you can do with your dog. Just take note that, during all of those, you must monitor your dog's tolerance and take the necessary breaks in between when needed. Have them checked by your vet from time to time to ensure that they are in their best working condition. Establish a routine that works for both of you and always prevent heat exhaustion. Check out the dog travel water bottle specially designed by INSTACHEW to keep your dogs fresh and ready to take on any adventure!


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