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Importance of Cleaning Up Your Dog's Poop and the Benefits of Waste Bags

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

It might not feel pleasant to clean up after your dog when walking them out in the park, but it's the right thing to do. Besides, no one, not even you, wants to step into a fresh pile of dog poo on the sidewalk or in the yard.

Apart from being nasty, un-scooped dog poo can transmit bugs and diseases to other dogs and human beings. Worst, they pollute surrounding rivers and streams. Moreover, they do not yield a decent fertilizer for the plant. Poop that isn't cleaned up will encourage other dogs to do their business in the same spot, causing a buildup of nitrogen that could kill grass and other plants.

Besides, here are the main reasons why picking up your dog's poop when walking them is a necessity:

  • General courtesy. No one loves stepping in dog poop.

  • Disease prevention. Dog poo may contain various diseases and parasites. Picking up poop minimizes the probability that eggs from pests, disease pathogens, and even plain old E.coli take up long-term residence at that spot.

  • Water protection. Rainwater may bring dog waste to local streams and waterways where it might act like any other untreated sewage.

  • Prevent poop eating. This is an unpleasant habit that many dogs have developed – particularly if they have exposure to cat feces. Dogs are foragers, and the poop often contains some disposed of protein that can save a life in wilderness conditions.

  • It's the right thing to do. In certain countries, dog owners are also legally required to clean up after their pet poops.

Irresponsible dog owners who have failed to pick up their dog waste continue to be the problem that results in the most significant reports to local authorities. Some local councils are enforcing on-the-spot fines for dog owners who are caught failing to clean their dog's poo from a public area. There's no excuse not to clean up your dog's poo due to numerous bins that councils have installed along public roads, parks, and other public areas. Therefore, carrying dog waste bags is a must at all times. They're not only sanitary but also bring a lot of benefits in picking up your dog's droppings. Here are a few of them:

1. Convenience

It's not exactly convenient to carry a shovel, but bringing a few dog waste bags into your coat pocket surely is convenient. Most dog waste bags are contoured so they can easily be opened, so you all have to do is put one hand inside the bag and pick up the poo, pack it, and throw it to a dog poop bin or a public receptacle.

2. Cost-effective

You can now buy a range of incredibly economical dog waste bags, particularly when purchasing them in bulk. Ordering online can't get more convenient, and they'll be shipped immediately to your door without any hassle.

3. Good for the environment

Genuinely responsible people are increasingly utilizing degradable dog poop pocket bags that disintegrate within months rather than standard plastic bags, which would take thousands of years to decompose and release toxic chemicals. Biodegradable bags are becoming incredibly common since they are eco-friendly and cheap to buy.

If correctly used, dog waste bags crafted with biodegradable materials will help take the pressure off Mother Earth. And commonly speaking, even though you chuck them in the garbage, they're always the perfect option. They are still the best option than letting the poop sit on the ground.

Looking for sanitary stuff for your dog? INSTACHEW sells a wide variety of pet care products, from feeding needs to travel needs and sanitation. Shop online, and you'll never have to worry about not being able to buy stuff for your fur baby during this crisis.


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