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Enhance Your Pet's Life with Smart Tech Products

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We humans have become reliant on technology in our everyday lives. For instance, how many times a day do you go search for something on the internet or get directions on your phone? If technology is able to help make our daily lives easier, imagine what introducing pets to technology would do for them and their families! In this article, we will cover how tech products can help pet parents and their fur babies, how Instachew tech products can assist with day-to-day living, and have the benefits of smart products integrated into your home for your pets!

Pets vs. Technology

As a new pet parent, I’d have to say that one of my biggest stressors is worrying about leaving my puppy home alone. Do you have your pet on a set schedule? To eat, drink, walk, play and CUDDLE, but due to personal life distractions, you’re unable to stay on a steady routine with them? Pets run on set schedules and consistency. I remember when I first got my puppy, his vet told me that one helpful tip which will make both my life and my fur baby’s life easier is having a set schedule with them. At that moment, I thought to myself “how will I follow a routine with my puppy, when I also have work to worry about during the day?” That’s where pet tech products came into the picture to save the day! Although there aren’t any robots to handle the walks and playing throughout the day, I was able to find products that assisted with making sure he was being fed and given water at set times each day.

Instachew Infinity Series

The founders of Instachew had a realization on the lack of innovative products in the pet industry. With that being said, they’ve focused the company on curating products that make the lives of pets and pet parents easier. Instachew has recently launched various new products which are app-enabled! Some of these smart products include: Pet Feeders, App controlled toys, Litter boxes, Pet Fountains, Pet Carriers, and more.

My Personal Experience using smart products for my pet

Purechew Smart Pet Feeder

I cannot stress enough how much easier life as a new pet parent became when I integrated these products into our life! Personally, one of my favourite products that I’ve gotten from Instachew is the Purechew Smart Pet Feeder! The decision from switching to a regular bowl to this feeder was life-changing. I work from home, which has been a great benefit with caring for my puppy, but some days I’d be busy with meetings back to back and having to sprint to the kitchen from my office to feed my puppy, and then run back to the meeting out of breath! Ever since I switched to the Instachew Purechew Smart Pet Feeder, I’m able to store up to 4L of food for my puppy. I can schedule feeding times with the proper amount of food intake my boy needs, feed him instantly with one click of a button, AND my favourite feature… the built-in HD camera which also allows me to view what my sneaky pup is up to. Did I also mention, aside from the HD camera, you can also talk to your pets and hear their reaction! If I want to relive a funny moment the Purechew Feeder captured, I’m able to replay that memory through the app’s functions. If you are in the process of monitoring your pet while they eat, and want to save that moment, you can also take a screenshot or screen recording of what is happening live. My phone’s camera roll is filled with goofy memories my Purechew Smart Feeder has captured!

Puresmart Pet Fountain

Another product my puppy is in love with is the Puresmart Pet Fountain! I’m not sure if this is a common trait in labrador retrievers, but my puppy is crazy about water! Whether it’s drinking it, playing in water, or baths, my labrador puppy will not leave the H2O alone. When I used to use regular bowls, I’d leave my puppy a full bowl of water while I’m in my meetings, but the second I’d set the bowl down, he’d finish it in an instant! This cycle would go on and on until I realized… maybe that’s a bit too much water, after his 5th full bowl of water… within an hour. Mind you, if he wasn’t drinking the water, he would be playing with it! Oftentimes with the regular bowls, I’d find debris and fur in the water and would have to change the water too frequently because of that. Once I made the switch to the Puresmart Pet Fountain, I was able to set schedules for when the fountain dispenses water and I even get notified when to fill up the water or change the filters through the Instachew Infinity App. The Instachew Puresmart Pet Fountain has a quadruple filtration system that provides your pets with the cleanest water daily! Through the app, I was able to also set schedules for when I want the water to be cleaned with the UV Light which is built-in. Giving your pets clean water daily helps keep the vets away!

Puresight 360 HD Camera

About 3 months ago, my puppy and I began attending training sessions. Thankfully through his training, my boy has been doing really well with vocal commands! I taught my puppy to stay home alone, but I was also nervous to do so. We started off with short time spans to help with separation anxiety, but the Puresight 360 HD Camera has really been a great help with this process! I first tested it out when I left my puppy at home with my parents, they were really shocked with the results too. Since I’m the “alpha” to my puppy, he would get restless when I’d be away from him… even if I’m just a room away. With that being said, I left my puppy the first time with my parents taking care of him. My puppy kept circling, jumping on the furniture, taking any tissue in sight, stealing my parents’ slippers and of course whining at the front door. It wasn’t long after I left I got a text from my mom. So to make sure everything was okay, I jumped on to the Instachew Infinity App to the Puresight 360. Through the app, I was able to move the camera around to get a good visual of him, talk to my puppy through the two-way audio feature, and playback what he was doing in that 20-minute timespan! At first, my puppy's head was tilting at the camera in confusion, probably thinking “mama, why can I hear you?” I thought it was the cutest thing ever, and thankfully with the Puresight 360 HD Camera, I was able to screen record and screenshot what he was doing! Eventually, my puppy got used to hearing my voice through the smart camera, and now I can tell him his commands like sit, head down, and drop it.

Purechase Smart Mouse

My cousin has a cat which I take care of from time to time. Since my home is practically their second home, I got some smart products from the Instachew Infinity series to help with the days I watch her cat. I’d have to say her cat's favourite product would be the Purechase Smart Mouse! It’s an app-controlled mouse that she spends hours upon hours chasing… surprisingly with my puppy as well! It’s a great way to tire them and let out their energy. Ever since I introduced the Purechase Smart Mouse, she’s forgotten all about her regular toys!

Trekpod Smart Pet Carrier

Some other products I’ve gotten are the Trekpod Smart Pet Carrier. I'm pretty excited to start using this once the weather gets warm enough to go hiking! It comes with a built-in intelligent temperature control system. The Trekpod pet carrier utilizes modern technology to always ensure the optimal temperature. When the temperature reaches 25 degrees, one fan turns on automatically. When the temperature reaches 28 degrees, both fans are turned on. The temperature is reduced to 27 degrees. Fans will time out and adjust. This allows your pet to travel with you in hot weather and cold! It’s also designed with tinted windows so your pets can enjoy the scenery without being blinded by the sun. Did I also mention that it doesn’t look like your typical duffel bag-looking carrier? The Trekpod Smart Pet Carrier is beautifully designed like a backpack which makes carrying around your pets easier! The intelligent ventilation system allows for smart, automatic air control dependent on the internal temperature of the bag. This keeps the bag comfortable, breathable, and minimizes noise interference.

Upcoming Purrclean Smart Litter Box

Instachew is releasing a smart litter box called the Purrclean Smart Litter Box, it’ll be available in the near future and I’m sure this will be a product that I’ll be recommending to my cousin! She’s planning on adopting another cat, and I feel that having the Purrclean Smart Litter box will definitely be helpful. The features include Odor Control, where the litter box has an effective air purification system. Equipped with a high-pressure ozone chamber, it thoroughly kills bad odour molecules. It’s also App-enabled which allows you to use the app to scoop automatically, on command, or on schedule. Get valuable data for your pet (ie. pet weight, frequency of use, etc.) Also, the Purrclean runs at 47 dB, which makes the Purrclean Smart Litter Box very quiet!

Benefits of smart products for pets

Integrating smart pet products promotes safety and sets schedules for your pets. While being away from home, you can ensure that your pets are being fed, staying hydrated, and can be constantly monitored! Smart products designed for your pets can also track their health by monitoring their food and water intake, and for the Instachew Purrclean smart litter box (coming soon), you’ll be able to track the number of times your cat defecates, which in turn can give cat owners an idea of how their cat’s health is doing! App-enabled pet care products assist in making your living space a safe, fun, and clean environment.


Do you think it’s time to make the switch? From regular bowls to smart fountains and feeders. Technology is designed for use beyond us humans, let’s start implementing them into our pets’ lives as well! Instachew has curated various pet tech products, designed to make pet care easier. Create less worry and stress by investing in your pets with technology! Check out our new Instachew Infinity smart products


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