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How to Help Your Dog Sleep Better - Tips and Tricks

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Cats are not the only sleepy pets in the house. Dogs are also known for being adorable sleepy heads most of the time. You can find them curled up under your feet or sprawled on your floor. Their cute tongues are sometimes lolling out of their mouths as they snore half the day away. Generally, dogs actually sleep from 12 to 14 hours, and this can be contributed to several factors such as age, activity, breed and size.

Puppies and older dogs sleep more than middle-age dogs. It is because, for the younger ones, they need to sleep at least for 20 hours. After all, they are still growing. Senior dogs, on the other hand, will have lower energy, and they tend to tire easily. Thus, needing more sleep. Lastly, based on activity, those who are more active will require less sleep while those who just spend the rest of the day lazing around will sleep more.

How can you make your dog sleep better?

As dog-owners, you want your furry best friends to have all that they need. You want them safe, happy and satisfied. That is why giving them quality sleep is one of those ways of ensuring that they stay healthy and content. Here are some of the ways that you can help give your dog the best sleep:

1. Daily Schedules - You don’t have to follow your schedule strictly, but it helps if you have a set of routines for your dog. So, if you do certain tasks repetitively, it will do wonders to your dog’s health. They’ll have the required sleep that they need and not to mention the right exercise and eating habits. You’ll be able to monitor them closely.

2. Healthy Diet - Eating the right food and getting the proper nourishment will help your dog sleep wonderfully. They will have all the nutrients that they need, making them healthy, fit and stress-free, which will then result in a peaceful sleep.

3. Plenty of Playtime - You should give your dogs as much playtime as possible. Thirty minutes is enough to keep them active and in great form. It will also help them with getting better sleeping habits. By also doing plays and other activities, it will also help with mental stimulation.

4. Regular Check-ups - Don’t forget to visit the vet. This is especially important if you’ve noticed that your dog is sleeping too much which he doesn’t normally do. Or, if in the opposite, he isn’t getting his much-needed sleep.

5. Comfortable Sleep Bed - Sometimes having the right sleep bed is all that matters. You need to give your pet the comfiest mattress to invite them to sleep in there and not on the floors or other hard surfaces.

Buy Instachew’s Deep Sleep Bed

If you are looking for the perfect bed to entice your dogs to sleep, check out our Deep Sleep Bed. At Instachew, we provide this wonderful bed that contains a memory foam to help with your pet’s joints and pressure points. It’s easy to clean, and it is designed to give your pet the optimal comfort for a relaxing sleep. So, get yours and let your dogs snooze the night away.


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