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Pet carrier backpacks vs. Traditional pet carriers: Which one is better for traveling with your pet?

As a pet parent, your biggest concern while traveling with your pet is how to carry them. You want to look for an option that is safe for your pets, allowing them to relax comfortably without slowing you down. You want to look for something that can be easily carried and worn like a standard backpack and has a dedicated, secure, and comfy place for your pet to ride.

pet carrier trekpod
pet carrier trekpod

Let us dive into the types of backpack carriers that are available on the market.

There are two types of backpack pet carriers

1. Traditional vertical pet carrier backpack

The traditional pet carrier backpacks are built in the same way a baby carrier is made, although babies are meant to be carried vertically, that’s not the same with animals. The upright, vertical position is unnatural for pets, they will ride on your back with their belly against your back and their heads poking out of the top near your upper back or neck.

Basically, there are hitches that wrap around the outside of the vertical carrier and buckle into the base.

These traditional vertical carrier backpacks for your pets are perhaps photogenic; imagine a pup being partially stuffed into a little carrier on the owner’s back with their head cutely hanging out on their back.

However, looking at the ergonomics, it is quite unsafe for the pets to be in an upright position for a longer time. There are dogs who grow old and, just like humans, are prone to back problems, arthritis, and more such conditions.

As per Dr. Jenny Scarano, who is a canine neurologist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey, traditional vertical-style dog carrier bags should never be used for pets. The vertical positioning of the pet puts too much pressure on their lower back, drastically affecting their spine.

2. Horizontal pet carrier backpack

The new horizontal pet carrier backpacks are much more ergonomically designed for pets, which makes adventuring with them easier for all the pet parents out there. They are not like vertical pet carrier backpacks; they are rather the kind that allow your canine companion to be in their natural position at all times.

The horizontal structure will most likely help your pet comfortably stand up, turn around, sit properly, and even lay down comfortably or shift weight swiftly. This also leaves no stress on your pet’s back or spinal cord, so nothing adversely affects them. The horizontal pet carrier backpacks also have small side windows, allowing them to poke their heads out and breathe properly while strolling around.

The design of horizontal backpacks is such that they actually imitate how animals live on a day-to-day basis, adjusting well to their ergonomical build. The thoughtful structure of the horizontal backpack makes them safer than conventional backpack pet carriers; it allows your pet to be on all fours at all times, unlike vertical backpack carriers that support the dog in an abnormal or less customary position.

However, these horizontal carriers can trouble the carriers when carrying, as that's not how one carries a backpack, horizontally. So what should a pet parent opt for, then? Fret not, we have got you covered with our trekpod smart pet carrier

smart pet carrier backpack
smart pet carrier backpack

Instachew’s Trekpod smart pet carrier

The Trekpod smart pet carrier by Instachew utilizes modern technology for your pet’s optimal comfort and safety. Let’s have a look at some of the features it has to offer:

  • Intelligent temperature control

Our Trekpod Smart Pet Carrier is one of the most innovative products on the market right now; it uses technology that ensures optimal temperature. When the temperature reaches 25 degrees, one fan automatically turns on. If the temperature rises to 28 degrees, both the fans inside the pod turn on, and as soon as the temperature drops to 27, the fans will time out and adjust. This ensures your pet’s utmost comfort while traveling with you in any weather, be it hot or cold.

  • Shock reduction

The Trekpod’s smart shock absorption system is built into the back plate of the backpack pet carrier, which is designed to absorb the force of your pet’s weight on your body and minimize the shock that comes from moving around. Specially designed metal plated food pads prevent the bag from falling when placed on the ground.

  • Robust power options

Instachew’s Trekpod pet carrier is powered by a 5V USB power bank that doubles as a portable charger if needed. Charge any device with that portable outlet.

  • Tinted window

The tinted window works as a convenient viewing panel that allows your pet to enjoy the beautiful scenery while being protected and shaded from the harsh sun.

  • Breathable carrier

The intelligent ventilation system of this innovative Trekpod pet carrier allows for smart, automatic air control dependent on the internal temperature of the bag. This keeps the bag comfortable and breathable and minimizes noise interference.

In Conclusion

When you are making a choice for your pet, as a pet parent, you want to ensure you make the absolutely right choice. Those innocent beings don’t have a way of conveying their discomfort; it is your responsibility to ensure their optimal comfort, and what better than a technologically advanced trekpod for your pet to ensure the comfort your pet craves? It's so adjustable and flexible that you too wouldn’t feel too heavy on your back while traveling.



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