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Pets and their Vital Role in Helping Us during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As each month passes by, you can't help but watch yourself flipping the calendar and realizing that another 30 days passed during this pandemic.

We may not acknowledge it, but the realization of losing our daily routines and the never-ending threat of COVID-19 - has put us all at a halt. So, there's no wonder that most of us now focus on social media.

As you scroll through your newsfeed, you may have noticed that it is flooded with photos and videos of your followers’ pets. You may wonder what the reason is. Simple! It is one of their ways of coping up with the emotional strain that this pandemic is giving us.

It is not a surprise that our pets are our source of joy during our best times - we all know that. Yet they became more than that during these trying times. We all are connecting remotely with our peers right now, and that is great. However, our pets are here - physically present, to the point that even the simple act of petting can give us another form of emotional support which not all of us can get right now.

The simple interactions we have with our pets can give us a variety of physiological and psychological benefits such as:

  • Stress relief

  • Decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Reduced the feelings of being lonely

  • More opportunities for outdoor activities

These can make all pet lovers feel relieved, especially when the World Health Organization (WHO) announces that there is no proof of virus transmission within domestic pets since COVID-19 is only transmitted through human-to-human contact. That is why interacting with your pets is highly encouraged during this pandemic.

Ways Your Pets Can Help During the Pandemic

When we are faced with challenging circumstances with our health, school, and jobs, we may want to turn from social interactions and find solace with our pets. For it is in them that we can rely on not only during our happy times, but also through the sad days.

Here are some ways how our pets can help us during this challenging time:

Talking to them

  • Yes, they are animals, but that is not a reason for us not to talk to them. They may not converse with us, but they are great listeners and emotion absorbers. They can pick up our emotions and stress. Sometimes we don't want someone to talk to, we just want someone out there to listen to our troubles, and our pets are good with that.

Playing with them

  • A peal of small laughter is already enough to release happy hormones, and that could be possible by just watching your pets chasing the toys you throw at them or even playfully getting chased by them.

Walk with them

  • Being quarantined does not mean that you also cease yourself from getting the exercise that your body needs. If you find it lonely being all by yourself, you should know that your fluffy pet beside you is ready and willing to join you. It would be best if you breathed in some fresh air and tagged your pet along because they need that as well. Just remember to stay safe and practice social distancing!

Cuddle with them

  • While we may not enjoy hugging or touching others at this moment, our pets are there and safe for us to cuddle with. Hugging your pet does not just feel great but reduces your stress too. However, this is only if both you and your pet are healthy and do not have any illnesses.

Be healthy with them.

  • Even though most of us are stuck and under lockdown, we must not forget to maintain proper hygiene and not just for ourselves but for our pets too.

How to maintain your pets with good hygiene?

  • Keep your pets and their supplies away from your food counter.

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of your pet beds and pet products you bought online.

  • Always clean your pet's feces from your yards.

Even though experts say that our pets are safe from the virus, still extra care is needed.

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