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The Best Automatic Pet Products For A Stress-Free Pet-Owner Life

Purechew Smart Pet Feeder

When you combine practicality and aesthetics, you get our app-enabled Instachew Smart Pet Feeder. This swanky pet feeder lets you automate feeding, keep food fresh, automate portions, and look good doing it! This smart pet feeder allows you to schedule meal times for your pets and immediately dispense their food, whether you are at home or traveling.

The product has a number of useful features; let's dive into them:

  • Portion control

In order to ensure a healthy and balanced diet, choosing the right portion size your pet needs can do the trick. Our automatic pet feeder is what you need for dry kibble from 5 to 10 mm in size.

  • Storage capacity

Our Purechew Smart Pet Feeder can store up to 4 L of food, and you can also keep it sealed and fresh.

  • HD camera

If you are the pet parent that usually stays away from home and your furry friend, the HD pet cameras are exactly what will be a helping hand to you and help you keep that anxious mind at peace. The cameras for pets come in different sizes, at different prices, and with different features. You need to pick what best meets your needs and helps you keep an eye on your furkid. The basic ones come with HD quality and a nigh vision capability, but they are placed higher; you should rather go with the kind that lets you interact with your pet in order to ease their anxiety.

  • Interactive App-enabled feeding

The automatic app-enabled feeders are so convenient, they make cat owners’ jobs a whole lot easier. Now you can make your pet avoid licking your face or meowing when they want to wake you up for food. It seems like a pretty good investment when you have a busy schedule and you tend to forget to refill the bowl, or for pet owners who travel frequently.

Also, this is one of those devices that comes in handy when it comes to managing the dietary needs of the pet, especially when they have weight issues. However, not many know that pet feeders come with a camera that helps keep an eye on your pet’s behavior and eating habits. The recordings will give you enough information; all you need to do is connect the feeder to your WiFi and schedule with just a click from your phone.

  • Kibble supported

Our auto pet feeder is suited for only dry foods, and hence it even provides kibble support from 5 to 14 mm in size.

  • Feeding statistics

The pet feeder allows you to keep track of your pet’s diet on a daily or weekly basis, the feeding statistics let you do that.

Instachew Purrclean Smart Cat Litter Box

Our smart cat litter box comes with an LED screen and an odor control option to make everything easier. This smart litter box also allows you to schedule scooping, cleaning, and deodorizing from the convenience of your smartphone, integrate the product with our app, called Instachew Infinity App. Its safety sensors make these self-cleaning boxes compatible with all kinds of litter and are also ultra-quiet and safe.

Features of the smart litter box

  • Odor control

Instachew’s smart litter boxes have an effective air purification system. The odor eliminator eradicates the odor completely by removing odor producing molecules.

  • Compatibility

Smart litter boxes are self-cleaning. They are compatible with all kinds of litter, so you don’t need to change your pet’s litter habits.

  • Safety sensors

Our cat litter comes with attached safety sensors near the entrance in order to make sure that your pet is safe while they are inside. The infrared sensor inside will help you detect your pet within 50 cm of the litter box’s opening. The litter box will immediately stop working when some foreign matter comes into contact with it during scooping.

  • Ultra-quiet

Our purrclean smart litter box is pretty quiet when working at 47 dB, and it is so compact that you can fit it anywhere in the house.

Purrflow Smart Pet Fountain

When you are away from home, you don’t need to worry about your furry family members, as Smart Pet Fountain is always there to take care of them back at home. It not only quenches your furry friend’s thirst, but it also keeps you connected with your pet.

smart pet fountain
smart pet fountain

Features of the smart pet fountain

  • Scheduled drinking times

If you are worried that your pet may not be getting enough drinking water, you can schedule their drinking time and portions for them while you are away. With our smart pet fountain, you can rest assured that the water is always flowing at the push of a button.

  • Push Notifications

Our smart pet fountain has the feature of getting you notified anywhere, anytime, on your smartphone. It updates you when it’s time for your furry friend to get hydrated. Push notifications also allow you to keep track of the water level when it’s empty.

  • UV Filtration system

The UV light in the pet fountain ensures that the fountain is disinfected to keep the flow of water clean and healthy. It is very simple and effective.

In Conclusion

These are the products that act like saviors in any pet owner's life. At Instachew, it is our core value to improve the lives of pets and their pet parents. It had come to our attention that there was a lack of such innovative products in the North American market, and hence, Instachew launched its flagship product, the Instachew Smart Pet Feeder, in 2017. Ever since, we have continued to curate and improve experiences between pet parents and pets, making their overall lives much easier.



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