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Top 8 Smart Cat Water Fountains of 2024

Updated: Jun 25

Cats are notorious for their finicky drinking habits, making their pet parents worry over whether they are drinking enough water, as they always avoid the water bowls. That's where the advantages of cat water drinking fountains are.


This is an ingenious way to get them to drink more by continuously flowing fresh water with oxygen. So, to save you from a deep dive into research, here are the best water fountains for your cat to set the standard for cat hydration and happiness.


Instachew Purrflow Smart Pet Fountain

#1 Smart Features for Easy Usage

What sets the Instachew Purrflow Smart Pet Water Fountain apart is the use of smart technology in the design. It features an easy-to-use app that helps one monitor the level of water, the status of the filter, and even the activity of the fountain in real time. The app is able to send you notifications when it's time to top up the water and replace the filter, so your cat will always have fresh water.

#2 Ultra-Quiet Operation

The PurrFlow Fountain water fountain for cats has an ultra-quiet pump that provides serenity to any home. Its whisper-quiet operation guarantees that peace is not disrupted in your home. This will give you the freedom and comfort to drink for your pet at any time of the day or night.

#3 Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The Instachew Purrflow Fountain is designed with energy efficiency in mind. A low-power-consumption pump doesn't use a lot of electricity, so it is eco-friendly for pet owners who are environmentally conscious. Besides, the construction of the robust fountain makes it very durable, thereby reducing the need for frequent replacements for increased sustainability. It is available for only US$34!

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain

#1 High Water Capacity

There is no need to worry about anything with this amazing 168-ounce water capacity. The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain is sure to cater to multi-pet households or cats that drink a huge amount of water. A larger gallon implies you will need to make fewer refills. This saves your precious time and ensures your pets are catered to in the event you have to be away for a lot longer than anticipated.

#2 Adjustable Water Flow

Every cat is different, and because of this, the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain offers an adjustable water flow control. Whether your cat prefers a gentle trickle or a more robust stream, you can easily customize the water flow to their liking. This can make a world of difference in getting your cat to drink more.

#3 Replaceable Carbon Filter

Keeping the water clean and fresh is the most necessary element for the health of your cat. To cater to this, the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain comes with a replaceable carbon filter that removes the bad taste and odours from the water, making it fresh and appealing for the cat. Regularly changing filters will ensure that the quality of water does not degrade due to curd formations. It is available for only US $13,883.

Catit Flower Fountain

#1 Multi-Stage Filter

Regular cleaning and frequent water changes are the most important things you can do for your cat's health. The Catit Flower Fountain incorporates a multilevel filtration system, including cotton mesh as fine as hair to capture all floating debris, active carbon, which removes odours and impurities, and an ion-exchange resin to soften the water. All this kind of filtration ensures that your cat is supplied with absolutely pure water.

#2 It is compact and space-friendly. 

Space is at a premium for most people in their homes. In fact, this is true in most contemporary homes. This is particularly true when renting an apartment and wanting to make it generally pretty and clean without taking away too much space from your cat. The Catit Flower Fountain is thus designed to fit in any home setup, no matter the size. Its footprint is perfect for apartments, complementing all that limited space.

#3 Quiet operation

Catit's cat water fountain is silent, thanks to the pump's effective operation. The soft hum is almost imperceptible, which may be low, serene, and never irritating to the drinking experience of your cat or peace in your house. Buy it for only US $6,501.

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain

#1 Efficient Filtration System

Its replaceable charcoal filter removes impurities from the water, so your cat is always served fresh and clean water. The filter traps hair, debris, and other impurities to let your pet have the best water quality. Regularly changing the filter ensures maximum performance and minimal wear and tear on the product.

#2 Adjustable Water Flow

The water flow in the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain is adjustable to what your cat wants. Some cats like a light trickle, while others like a more robust stream. With this adjustable feature, your kitty will never have a reason to be bored or uninterested in the water for proper hydration.

#3 Multiple Drinking Areas

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain is designed to offer both a beautiful flowing stream and a pool area to meet the drinking preferences of many cats. Some cats like to lap still water, while others like to drink right from the stream. Add it to your cart, available only at $69.99!

Homerunpet Cat Water Fountain

#1 Advanced Filtration for Pure Water

Homerunpet Cat Water Fountain is built with an advanced dual-layer filtration system equipped with activated carbon and ion exchange resin, which helps reduce impurities such as hair, dirt, or debris. It, of course, will further reduce possible bad tastes or odours in the water. Fresh and clean tastes better, and because of this, the chance of getting urinary and kidney problems is going to reduce.

#2 Large Capacity

It has a very large capacity of 101 ounces, so you do not have to refill it frequently. This is convenient for people with busy schedules who are not always at home to refill their pets' water. The large capacity of the cat drinking bowl fountain will ensure that the cat gets enough water even when you are out for a day or two.

#3 Quiet for a Peaceful Home

For this reviewer's money, the ultra-quiet pump on the Home_runpet Cat Water Fountain set its head and shoulders above the competition. Near-silent operation means this fountain doesn't disrupt your household with whom it shares space. This makes it perfect for use in any single room of the home. The quiet pump also won't deter cats who get easily spooked by new or loud noises. Add it to your home for only $49.99.

iPettie Neko Cat Water Fountain

#1 Easy Maintenance

The Pettite Neko Cat Water Fountain is designed to be easy to use. It is easy to disassemble, clean, and then assemble again to ensure the fountain always works perfectly. Cleaning the fountain as recommended will not only keep it in tip-top condition but will also prevent bacterial growth and guarantee your cat's water is healthy to drink.

#2 Environmentally Friendly

The Pettite Neko Cat Water Fountain is designed with the environment in mind for modern pet owners who want to live more green. It comes equipped with a low-power pump that utilizes minimal electricity, making it eco-friendly and perfect for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Besides, it is made from high-quality, durable materials that will often serve for a longer period, reducing the costs of frequent replacements.

#3 Stylish and Functional Design

The Pettite Neko Cat Water Fountain also enhances any house space with its class and refinement. It comes in a lot of colours and design options to blend into any interior. Compact in design, it ensures that it doesn't occupy much space at all, thus fitting for any room. For sale at only $50.20!

Petlibro Capsule Automatic Pet Water Fountain

#1 Quiet Operation

Pets are sensitive to noise, and a noisy water fountain can actually make the pets shy away from drinking. There is an ultra-quiet pump in the Petlibro Capsule Fountain, which makes it a perfect addition to any home. The near-silent operation will provide a peaceful environment for both you and your pet to encourage drinking without stress or hesitation.

#2 Easy-to-Use Design

The Petlibro Capsule Fountain is designed for convenience. The compact and stylish design will easily fit into any home decor, with a transparent water tank that allows one to observe the level of water therein. The design of this cat fountain makes it easy to assemble and disassemble; hence, cleaning and maintenance are not a hassle. You need to clean the system regularly to avoid bacterial growth, and Petlibro has made it quite easy for you to keep the fountain sparkling.

#3 Smart Features

What differentiates the Petlibro Capsule Fountain from most of its peers in the market is its wholesome arsenal of intelligent features. The built-in LED indicator has a low-water-level alert and change-filter indication, thus ensuring your pet never runs out of clean water. This sort of smartness takes away all the guesswork from maintenance in order to spend quality time with one's pets.

NPET Cat Water Fountain

#1 Transparent Water Level Window

Monitoring your cat's intake of water is very important, and the NPET Cat Water Fountain has made this easy by including a transparent water level window. With this feature, you will know when to refill the fountain so that your cat does not go without water. Therefore, it is convenient to maintain your pet's hydration routine without constant guesswork.


#2 Compact and Stylish Design

The NPET Cat Water Fountain is functional and beautiful, so you will not feel much hassle having it around. You can place the compact size anywhere—in a small apartment or a large house. It is sleek and modern and fits perfectly into your home decor without being overly prominent.

#3 Versatile settings in water flow

Different cats like to drink their water differently. With the NPET Cat Water Fountain, there are multiple water flow settings to accommodate each cat's preference. Be it a gentle stream or a bubbling flow, you can rest assured of adjusting settings that most suit your cat's preference, keeping them interested and hydrated.

Way Forward 

Selecting just the right water fountain is crucial for the health and happiness of your feline friends. With the top rates of pet fountains, these present the best combination of style, functionality, and advanced filtration in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to keep your feline companion well-hydrated.


Instachew Purrflow Smart Pet Fountain is a well-rounded hydration solution developed to suit today's pets and their owners. Equipped with an appealing flow of water, advanced filtration systems, smart technology, and a stylish design, the Purrflow Fountain keeps your pet hydrated and healthy. This smart pet fountain will be an investment in the very best for your four-legged companion to keep him happy, healthy, and well-hydrated. Contact us for more details and the best deals!


Keep your cat curious, engaged, and, above all else, very well-hydrated with these top picks! 


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