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Purrclean - 3 Years Warranty

Introducing the Purrclean Purrtection Plan- Extended Warranty, a full protection plan that covers your Purrclean to give you peace of mind and a worry-free experience with your litter box. Our commitment is to provide an extra layer of support and care for our feline friend’s well-being.


How does it work? 


3 full years of protection:  1 year of Manufacturer's Warranty + 2 years of extended warranty 

If you encounter any problems with your Purrclean, please contact our Customer Experience team.

What does warranty cover? 


  • Offering comprehensive coverage for an extended period including: 

    • accidental damage coverage 

    • Power surges

    • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns

    • Instachew Infinity App support 

  • During your warranty period, we will resolve your Purrclean issues at no charge, including free shipping both ways. 

  • 24/7 Access to our dedicated customer experience to assist with any inquiries or concerns 

  • Replacement Guarantee: In the rare event of irreparable damage, receive a brand-new Purrclean unit. 

  • Exclusive Discounts and Offers:Members-only discounts on Purrclean accessories. Special promotions and offers to show appreciation. 




  • Purchase it anytime within the first year of owning your Purrclean

  • Exclusions: items or situations not covered by the Purrclean Purrtection Plan, such as intentional damage or unauthorized modifications. 

  • Returned products must be clean and free of litter; products returned in unclean conditions may be subject to a cleaning fee. In the case of a warranty claim, you may be asked to send the warranted product to us for testing, inspection, repair, or replacement. If we do not receive these back, we will not be able to process your warranty claim.

Purrclean - 3 Years Warranty

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