INSTACHEW Smart Pet Feeder 2.0

The INSTACHEW Smart Pet Feeder is the perfect device to automatically feed your pets based on the schedule you set and the recommended portions appropriate for your pets. The feeder can be accessed from any where in the world via the Instachew app.


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Interactive App-Enabled Feeding

  • Automatic feedings so that your pet is fed according to the schedules set
  • The instant Feed function allows you to feed your pet immediately from anywhere in the world.


Portion Control:

  • Choose between 10-100 grams per serving


Video Monitoring:

  • Easily capture amazing pictures, or record videos to share with your friends at any time!


Dual Audio Communication:

  • No matter where you are, turn on the mic on your app, and just like that, you can communicate with your pet in real-time. 


Storage Capacity:

  • Store up to 4.3L of food, always sealed and fresh!


Kibble Supported:

  • Use kibble from 5 - 15 mm in size


Emergency Power Supply:

  • Power outage? Not to worry, the Instachew Feeder, powered by 4 D- cell alkaline batteries will ensure that your pet does not miss a feeding!


INSTACHEW Smart Pet Feeder 2.0

SKU: 001
C$199.99 Regular Price
C$169.99Sale Price
  • Material: ABS

    Dimensions: 24.5 x 30 x 38 CM

    Weight: 12 lb

    Capacity: 4.3L

    Kibble Size: 5-15 mm

    Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n

    Power: AC adapter

    Battery: 3 D Alkaline (only activated during power outage; not included)

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