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Instachew Purrtree 28" Elevated Cat Bed with Sisal Scratching Post


This fun design is made to accommodate what every cat owner sees the most: naps, climbing up high, playing, and clawing things to shreds. Our softly bedded scratcher-equipped Instachew  pet furniture gives your animals everything they love and need to make for a gift they'll use daily. Its high-stability construction outlasts big jumps that are unavoidable, keeping your kitty cat safe.



  • - Soft Plush Beds: This basket-style modern cat bed offers two soft places for naps, one with the raised height cats will love, and the other offering a second place to sleep either for another kitty, a little dog, or for days they want a new spot. Plush 1/2" thick cushions offer comfort for better rest.
  • - For Sleeping, Playing, and Clawing: A bed, scratcher, and cat toy all in one, this design provides a place for your furry friend to have three of their favorite things: cozy naps, a toy to play with, and a spot they can claw to their desire.
  • - High-Stability Structure: This high-quality, soft cat bed is extremely stable. For your pets' safety, it's capable of withstanding tons of jumping without shaking.
  • - Compact and Easy to Carry: Our compact design is easy to move from place to place, while small enough to fit in any home, ensuring you can save space when there's limited extra room.
  • - Cat Scratching Bed Info: Overall Dimensions: 19" L x 19" W x 28.25" H. Suitable for Cats Under 10 lbs. Assembly Required

Instachew Purrtree 28" Elevated Cat Bed with Sisal Scratching Post

SKU: D30-636V00BG
$299.99 Regular Price
$89.99Sale Price
    • - Basket beds with 1/2" thick cushions for soft and plush resting spots
    • - Scratcher, bed, and play spot all in one
    • - Accommodates one or two animals
    • - Sisal cat scratcher with a feather ball toy attached
    • - Chic appearance offers decorative appeal easy to match with any interior décor
    • - Elevated nap spot appeals to love of heights
    • - Suitable for cats under 10 lbs.
    • - Assembly required


    • - Color: Beige, Cream
    • - Material: Particleboard, Plush Fabric, Sisal, Cattail Plant, Polypropylene Cotton
    • - Overall Dimensions: 19" L x 19" W x 28.25" H
    • - Base Dimensions: 17.75" L x 17.75" W
    • - 2nd Floor Bed Dimensions: 17.75" Dia. x 7.75" H
    • - Top Bed Dimensions: 14.25" Dia. x 4" H
    • - Recommend Cat Weight: Under 10 lbs.
    • -1 x Cat Condo
    • -1 x Manual
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