You know the litter trail that is left behind when your cat leaves their litter box? Well, the PURA Litter Box helps solve that problem.


Here are the features of the PURA Litter Box:


Litter Track Prevention 

  • The litter box has been designed with a platform that has 6.3 mm gaps to allow litter from the paws of your cat to fall back into the litter box. This keeps your floors clean and litter free. 


Easy to Clean 

  • The Pura Litter Box is easy to clean. The whole body can be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly. For litter scopping, simply raise the platform and scoop away. 


Pura Air Odor Eliminator 

  • The Pura Litter Box includes a complimentory Pura Air Odor Eliminator. A specifc compartnment has been made for the Odor Eliminator to detect when your cat leaves the litter box and release negative ions and air fresner to eliminator bacteria and odor. 

PETKIT Pura Litter Box

SKU: 029
  • WEIGHT:  2.75 kg