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Gen 2 Eversweet Smart Travel

Traveling or on-the-go with your furry friend?

PETKIT GEN 2 EVERSWEET SMART TRAVEL BOTTLE is your compact solution. Hydrate or feed your pet anywhere you go or even throw in someone of their favorite food or snacks!





  • With tight seal and safety lock, it's perfectly designed to fit into your bag, your cup holder in the car, for easy transport. 
  • The depth of the water trough can prevent water from spilling.


  • One-Hand Watering 
  • Just one simple press, the water will flow out smoothly. 


Strong Antibacterial Effects 

  • We choose BioCleanAct as the main material because of its continuous inhibition of the bacteria growth in the open drinking trough. 


Easy for your pets to drink from

  • We designed an arc trough making it easier for them to drink. 


BPA Free

  • The transparent material is made with Tritan material deemed as safe and BPA Free.


Gen 2 Eversweet Smart Travel

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    WEIGHT:  0.157 kg

    CAPACITY: 0.4 L




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