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Pura X Smart 

Litter box

PETKIT Pura X Smart Litter Box

PETKIT Pura X Smart Litter Box

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The Pura X Smart Litter Box helps you by scooping and cleaning your cat's litter for you. The cleaning process starts when the smart sensors detect your cat has finished using it and ends when pet waste and clumps roll into the waste bin. A honeycomb-shaped mesh sifts and separates clumps from clean litter in the inner barrel. Once separated, it is dropped into the waste bin when the barrel rolls. A built-in deodorizer will spray a plant-based liquid above the waste bin to eliminate the odor at its source. 


Material: ABS

Dimensions: 504 mm x 532mm  x 646mm

Weight: 2.1 Kg

Capacity in Litter: 5.4 L

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth / Wifi

Power: AC adapter




Waste BIN

Waste is separated and 

stored in the bin below


cleaning cycle

Instant cleaning or automatically initiates after every use 


Keep track of your pets wellbeing and overall health


Numerous sensors for safety 


cleaning cycle

Set times for when you want to clean the litter box


Deodorizer initiates after every use or set deodorizer schedules

Product Features


Moderate your pet's bathroom habits and health with push notifications to your phone. The PETKIT app notifies you when the litter is running low, when the waste bin is full, and when the deodorizer fluid needs refilling. Have total control of your pet's litter box situation right at your fingertips.  

Product Features

Litter mat

The litter mat is double layered and made of environmentally friendly material. It also acts as a comfy landing pad for your cat's paws after they jump out of the litter box. The orange area in the image is considered the "safe zone," where litter is most likely to land.  You can then empty the litter matt whenever it is convenient.  The Pura X's front legs also secure it to the floor so it does not slip. 

Product Features


The Pura X Litter Box has an intuitive OLED display that users can perform various tasks via the device's front panel's control buttons. Turn the litter box on/off, set up cleaning cycles, empty the litter, or initiate the deodorizer manually. 

Product Features

safety sensors

There are sensors inside the litter box that detects activities in the surrounding environment that ensures your pet can use it safely. It will also monitor when it is an appropriate time to initiate automatic cleaning cycles. The Pura X has a Triple Anti-Pinch Protection system, developed based on a cat's natural behaviors. It also has multiple maintenance protection barriers to avoid a potential safety hazard.

Product Features

Honey Comb mesh

Pura X uses two different meshes, depending on the type of litter used. It sifts through the cat litter to separate waste as the barrel rolls. Waste and clumps fall into the waste bin, and the clean cat litter will remain in the inner bucket.

Product Features


The Pura X Litter Box has a waste bin located under the unit that stores waste and clumps.  When the waste bin is full, you get a notification on the Petkit APP and OLED screen. Pull open the bottom drawer containing the waste bin and throw the drawstring bag into the trash. 

Product Features


Ultrasonic atomizing spray


A special deodorizing liquid that atomizes and sprays the waste bin ensures odor control at the source. The ultrasonic wave is quiet so that your cat will not be disturbed.  It also prevents the litter from mildewing.

Purifying Refill Solution

 The purifying refill solution is non-toxic and made from raw materials that are safe for use around pets. It also contains plant extracts that safely decomposes ammonia and hydrogen sulfides found in cat waste. The refill bottles are 55mls, which can last roughly around 30 days for a single cat household. 

Tofu Litter

Mixed Litter

Clay Litter

Product Features


​The Pura X Litter Box can accommodate standard clay litter, mixed litter, and our tofu litter. The used cat litter falls into the waste bin at the bottom of the unit. Waste and clumps are rolled in the barrel after the cleaning cycle starts. The deodorizing liquid sprays the bin area to ensure the odor is vanquished. 

Tofu Litter

Mixed Litter

Clay Litter

Tofu Litter

Mixed Litter

Clay Litter

Product Features


Turn the knob on the back of the Pura X Litter box to unlock it. Lift the lid to open it so that you can remove the inner barrel. 



You got your Pura X Litter box and excited to start using it! This video tutorial will show you how to unbox your PURA X and get it ready for the binding process (see next video)!


HOW TO bind to the app

You got your Pura X Litter Box and excited to start using it! This video tutorial will show you how to connect it to wifi, scheduled feedings, and set portion sizes. You can now feed your pet anytime, anywhere!

HOW TO clean Pura x

You've been using your PURA X, and now it's time to clean it! This video tutorial will show you how to clean your PURA X step by step.

What's in the box


Unit Cover

Litter Mat

Power Adapter



Waste Bag

pura x dimensions (MM)

Frequently Asked Questions

What sized cat can use the Pura X?

The reccommended size for a cat to use the Pura X is a maximum of 16 kg. The inner dimensions of the litter box is 46cm wide and 42cm deep.

How stable is the Pura X? Will it fall over?

The Pura X sits on four legs offering stability with non-slip bump ons under its feet. The litterbox is 2.1 kg (about 5 lbs). It is also heavier when using litter.

Can it be used for multi-cat households?

Yes! This can be used for a multi cat household. The toilet area can fill up to 7L of litter at once and can be cleaned a minimum of once a week.

Can my cat get stuck inside?

The litter box has 12 safety sensors that initiates when a cat enters or leaves the litter box. When a cat approaches the litter box, all sensers stop and allows for it to enter. You will get a notification or text message anytime there is activity.

What if my cats stool is soft? Can it be cleaned?

There is a sillicon layer inside the barrel of the litter box that deforms when its rolling and separating waste. This layer solves the issue of soft stools sticking to the inside of the litter box. The layer is also designed to be detachable, so it can be easily cleaned. To remove it, remove the litter box lid and take it out.

How often do I have to refill the deodorizing fluid?

You will be notified on the app as to when you need to refill it. It is estimated to refill the deodorizing fluid every 30 days. This is also dependent on how many cats will be using the litter box. If used more frequently, expect to refill more often.

How often do I need to refill my cat litter?

One bag of 6L of litter can be used for a total of 14 days. You will also be notified to refill litter through Petkit app notifications.

How do I connect the Pura X to the PETKIT app?


where to buy 

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