Breezy Smart Pet Carrier

Your pet doesn't have to miss out on all the full anymore. With the Breezy Smart Pet Carrier you can take them wherever you go. There is enough ventilation and airflow to allow your pet to rest easy and be comfortable. 

Breezy Cat Carrier w_ Bike.jpg

INSTACHEW presents the BREEZY PET CARRIER which combines old school pet carrying with comfort and design. Share every journey with your beloved furry friend and take them wherever you go safely, stylishly, and easily.


WEIGHT:  1.4 kg

DIMENSION (LWHINCM):  32 x 27 x 44.5

Material:  ABS, PC and Fabric

Pet Type: small animals up to 8 kg

Product Features

Tinted Window

Waste is separated and 

stored in the bin below

Shock Reduction System

Keep track of your pets wellbeing and overall health

Convenient Size

Set times for when you want to clean the litter box


Instant cleaning or automatically initiates after every use 

Power Source

Numerous sensors

for safety 

Batteries Not Included

Deodorizer initiates after every use or set deodorizer schedules

Built In Light And Fan


Keep your pet feeling comfortable with a build in light and fan combo. This is connected to a battery pack or portable energy source that is tucked away into the pocket.