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4 Reasons Why Your Cat is Grumpy - Understanding Your Cat's Mood

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

How can a tiny ball of happiness suddenly turn into sharp claws and hisses? Well, those are cats for you. Their moods are a head-scratcher for most people. Our feline friends act all cute by rubbing themselves onto your leg purring, and the next thing we know, they try to claw our hands out or bite our fingers. Their hot and cold personalities always make us shake our heads in amusement.

But, we all know that not all cats are grumpy. Most people might think that cats are just moody creatures, but that is not always the case. Some factors influence a cat's mood, just like any other living being.

Being Overstimulated

Yes, we love cuddling and petting our cats. At first, it is alright for them, and they start purring and then suddenly, when you rub a certain spot, they instantly bite your hand. They might even act aggressively and use their claws on you. This is because of overstimulation. Every cat's level of sensitivity is different. There are cats who love getting their bellies rubbed while others will sooner scratch you than let your hands get close to their stomachs. That's why if you know your cat's sensitive spots, then better avoid those during your cuddle time.

Being Territorial

Never forget that cats are animals too. So despite thinking of them like family, always remember that they can be aggressive when they want to mark their territory. This can be seen when you introduce a new pet, for example. Your cat might try to assert dominance by being hostile. They can also be very protective of their belongings.

Changes to Habit

Cats don't like it when something changes in their day to day routines. This causes emotional stress for them, which might be why they can be so grumpy when you move to a new house, or when you introduce them to a new person. These shifts in their habits will affect their emotions. Thus, consider this factor whenever you make lifestyle changes that might stress out your cat.

Having Medical Problems

Feline owners know that cats don't just get moody without reason. That is why it is always best to pay close attention to your cats' mood swings because there might be more to it than meets the eye. They might be experiencing pain or discomfort, which often would make them lash out. They will also be defensive and sensitive. The best thing that you have to do is to go to a veterinarian. The bottom line here is that as a pet owner, we must be vigilant when it comes to our pets' moods. They can be aggressive not because of their mood swings, but because of various factors. We do not have to be cat whisperers to understand what irks our feline friends. Instead of stressing them out, we should give them the best comfort that they need. At Instachew, we provide smart pet products that are suitable for taking care of these moody fluffballs. You can spoil them with our various cat products, and make your pet care more manageable.


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