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How Do You Use CBD Oil for Cats?

Hemp oil for cats is gaining popularity for its ability to soothe naughty cats and improve their behaviour. Not all firms selling cat CBD oil deliver. Cat owners are afraid to use CBD for their pets.


What is CBD for cats, and how does it work? Let us find out more!!


What's CBD?


CBD, short for cannabidiol, comes from hemp. CBD is not psychoactive like THC, which is hazardous to dogs. This means it won't affect consciousness. CBD comes in oils, capsules, patches, and topical creams.


How does cat CBD work?


Since CBD is still studied in humans, its effects on cats remain unknown. We know CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which regulates sleep, mood, hunger, and pain. Cats have an endocannabinoid system; however, CBD in cats may not interact with it as in humans. At present, researchers know cats' livers process CBD like people.

How Do You Use CBD Oil for Cats?
How Do You Use CBD Oil for Cats?


Is it safe to give cats CBD?


No published scientific research on the use of CBD for cats has been found. Therefore, we rely on studies from both people and canines, as well as anecdotal evidence from vets. Animals appear to be able to handle CBD in its pure form without any problems. Veterinarians and cat owners appear to agree that CBD is generally safe for cats. High dosages may cause sleepiness or an upset stomach in certain dogs. But after you stop giving your pet less medication, these problems usually go away.


Research indicates that CBD may help dogs with osteoarthritis feel less pain. In people with severe epilepsy, CBD can also lessen seizures. The FDA has authorized Epidiolex, a CBD medicine, for some forms of juvenile epilepsy.


Because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, CBD may be able to relieve symptoms of pain, nausea, anxiety, and asthma. Once more, all of this is supported by scientific data from research on humans or non-feline animals.


Preferences for taste


Because cats have sophisticated palates, selecting a CBD product for them should take flavour into onsideration. Certain tastes or modes of administration, like fish-flavoured CBD oils, may appeal to certain cats more than others. 


Unexpected dietary or habit adjustments are not well-received by many cats. If your cat is fussy, start by putting a small amount of CBD oil in their food and work your way up to the recommended dosage over several days.


If you find it difficult to offer CBD for cats with cancer, you may also use topically applied oils that don't contain any fish or animal ingredients.


Can you give hemp oil to cats?


If a cat rejects the direct administration approach, this is typically the first thing a person tries. It should be easy peasy if your cat likes his meal. Simply prepare the cat's meal as you would usually. Next, evenly distribute a dosage of CBD oil for cats over the meal using a measuring tool. Both wet and dry meals can be used. Give your cat a mixture of everything to ensure that the CBD is distributed equally.


CBD oil on a feeding plate that is empty


Adding CBD oil to an empty food bowl for cats is another strategy that has worked well for us. This is where the food and treats belong; your cat is aware of that. She is accustomed to eating in this location, and the aromas of the delectable food may entice your cat to consume CBD oil. Check to see whether your cat likes it after leaving it there for a bit.


What advantages does CBD provide for felines?


Because CBD offers all-natural treatment for stress, anxiety, and seizures, many pet parents are embracing it. Other advantages of CBD for cats include the following:


Boost your mobility.


If your elderly cat is experiencing difficulty moving around or is recuperating from surgery, CBD can aid in enhancing mobility and reducing discomfort.


Continue eating a balanced diet.


Cats who are fussy eaters or who are losing weight too quickly may find that CBD helps control their appetite.


Encourage lustrous hair and healthy skin.


Cats using topical CBD have reportedly had healthier, less inflamed skin, according to pet owners. Try CBD if you've tried other treatments and they didn't work for you.


Reduce tension


If your cat is acting stressed out by hiding or meowing a lot, CBD could make them feel more at ease and content.


Boost your mood


By stimulating the serotonin receptors in your cat's brain, CBD for cats can elevate their mood. This could aid in lowering anxiety and increasing pleasure.


Reduce seizures


Some cat owners report that CBD for cats pain relief helps with seizures too. It may regulate the endocannabinoid system, reducing inflammation and brain function. It's worth considering if you want to help your cat safely, but further study is needed. Consult a vet beforehand.

Is it safe to give cats CBD?
Is it safe to give cats CBD?

Potential CBD oil side effects in cats


The potential for side effects is always there when changing bodily function. CBD side effects typically indicate an inappropriate dose. If your cat exhibits any of these negative effects, discontinue doses and consult your doctor immediately.


Detecting excessive drowsiness in cats can be challenging due to their love of naps. If your pet is sleepy or can't remain awake, it may have too much CBD. CBD relaxes cats, but too much might make them sluggish. Keep track of your cat's sleep habits before taking CBD.


If you have nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, it may indicate a negative response to CBD. Off-balanced bodies might start with digestive disorders and appetite disturbances. These concerns may not be CBD-related and may be caused by a cat's diet.


Decreased salivary production from CBD can lead to chronic dry mouth in cats. You may notice this adverse effect if you drink too much or have poor breath. Long-term mouth dryness can cause dental difficulties in cats.


Is cat CBD oil safe?


Adjust the cat CBD oil dose according to age, weight, and health concerns. Give your cat 1–5 milligrams of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight once or twice a day.


Each cat is unique; therefore, outcomes may vary. Only use lab-tested hemp CBD oil for safety and efficacy. Consult your vet before giving your pet CBD. Your veterinarian can tailor a dose to your cat's needs.


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