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How to Tell If Your Cat Loves You: Signs of Affection from Your Feline Friend

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Cats are known for their erratic and weird behaviour. That's why we often find ourselves scratching our heads wondering what our cats are feeling, more so when we ask the proverbial question, "Do our cats love us?"

For all the feline lovers out there, at some point, you know you've wondered whether your cat really cared but, rest assured there are signs that they do!

They might be moody, and a lot to handle but these furballs can be sweet if they want to. I know you've all been guilty of not moving an inch whenever they sleep on your lap. Little things like that make our heart full of adoration.

So, without further ado, these are the signs to watch out for to know that they are sweet on you.

Grooming and Licking You

Studies have shown that most cats will groom and lick you because they consider you a family member. So, whenever you pet them, and they give you a good lick. It's a sure sign that you are a beloved part of their clan.

Giving You the Occasional Bites

You might think that when your cats bite you, it means that they don't like you. That's not it. It is actually one of the ways that they show their affection, especially with kittens. If they get too playful and the biting starts to hurt a little, you should draw their attention away using a cat toy like a fishing-rod.

Making Eye Contact

Indeed, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and more so with your cats because if they look you in the eye and slowly blink while doing so, you are officially part of their family. There's no going back because they have accepted you as one of their own.

Giving You Head-butts

It's not just dogs who mark their territories, but cats too. Did you know that using the scent glands on their cheeks and head they mark their territory? So, when you see them head-butting you or rubbing their chin against you, you are now their possession, buddy.

Offering You with "Gifts"

Don't be alarmed when your cats give you dead rats or prey, they are not offering a sacrifice, but they are just taking on their roles as teachers. Just like how they would show their kittens how to hunt, they are also teaching you too. So, bow down and learn from the masters.

Twitching Their Tails

One of the ways you can gauge how your cat is feeling is through their tail. By understanding their body language, you'll be able to interpret their moods. When you see them approaching you with their tail held high and tip switching from side-to-side, get ready for some cuddle time.

Meowing A Lot

You've given your cat their food, their favourite cat toy and even some treats but your cat still does a lot of meowing. Well, that is because they are interacting with you! Cats rarely even meow at other cats. This is because meowing is something they specifically do to interact with people.

Kneading You

This is probably one of the most known cats love languages. Experts say that the reason cats knead you is because of behaviour they got from when they were kittens. It is when they knead to stimulate their mother's milk flow. So, this habit is another way of knowing your cat treats you like family.

Sleeping On You

Cats are natural hunters, so they don't particularly like to feel vulnerable. That's why when they sleep on you, it means that they completely trust you. This is when they are at their most defenceless.

So, if you've noticed some of these signs with your cat, it is time to spoil them! Check out the PETKIT Cat Scratch and Play Mat at Instachew. You will be getting more into their good graces by buying cat toys such as these. It's fun, and they can play for hours on end.


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