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INSTACHEW Purechew Max Smart Automatic Pet Feeder, automates feeding

The INSTACHEW Purechew Max is an app-enabled automatic pet feeder that brings convenience to your fingertips. This elegant, programmable feeder allows you to automate feeding, control portions, keep the food fresh and look good while doing it! You can either schedule mealtimes for your pet or immediately dispense their food, whether you are at or far from home!

INTERACTIVE APP ENABLED FEEDING: Purechew Max provides automatic feeding options so that your pet is fed according to your set schedules.
The Instant Feed function allows you to feed your pet immediately from anywhere in the world, using the INSTACHEW INFINITY APP
The automatic feeder also comes with button locking options to prevent your smart furry friends from pressing keys to feed themselves.

PORTION CONTROL: The full food monitoring and portion control and sizing options allow you to take charge of your pet’s diet, ensuring that your little friends are never overfed or underfed.

STORAGE CAPACITY: Purechew Max can store up to 9L of food, always sealed and fresh!

KIBBLE SUPPORTED: Purechew Max can support kibble from 2-12mm in size.
FEEDING SETTINGS: For regular feeding, you can dispense 1-10 melas a day, up to 20 portions each time, with 10g±2g per portion

RECORDING FUNCTION: Purechew Max supports a voice recording of up to 10 seconds, allowing you to keep some of the best auditory moments with your furry friend.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: It is our mission to provide the highest quality products to our customers. In case of any query feel free to contact us at for 24/7 customer service.

INSTACHEW Purechew Max Smart Automatic Pet Feeder, automates feeding

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