Dust Free

The food grade pulp is environmentally friendly and non-toxic! It has a hardness value of 55-degrees, meaning it cannot be crushed into dust, making it easy to clean.


With its high absorption level the litter prevents mildew and bacterial growth, creating a refreshing experience for your cat!

The litter is able to absorb urine and moisture in under 1.5 seconds, ensuring no odor and bacteria is accumulated.


Say goodbye to smelly litter with this new and innovative litter which is also eco-friendly!


The all-natural soy pulp has a high water solubility level, making it safe to flush down the toilet.

Ultra-absorbent Design

Odor Eliminating

The activated charcoal is made up of carbon molecules with the ability to minimize odor causing bacteria.


With no odor, you can enjoy a clean and fresh environment for both you and your furry friend.

You wont have to worry if your cat eats the litter by mistake, as it only contains food-grade materials that are safe for ingestion!

Unlike other litter brands Tofu Liter does not use toxic, industrial gels and plastic glues to bond artificial granules.

Bio-degradable & Non-toxic

Innovative Design

The litter granules have a diverse set of shapes. The variety in granule shapes makes the litter ultra-absorbent.

The litter withstands high temperatures. 80-90 degree Celsius high temperature 60m/hr slow heating and drying. 

It has a three-way cooling ability; the litter granules are very porous, making them fast drying.