petkit cat brush



PETKIT CAT BRUSH AND MASSAGER is a great way to bond with your cat! 




Silicone Skin

  • The item is made with silicone, which is great for cats with sensitive skin.
  • The silicone-based bristles are soft and feel gentle on your pet's skin which will help them relax.
  • Also great for applying vet recommended oil to the comb for your cat's fur and skin


Shedding Control

  • The comb and silicone bristles will help capture loose hair when your cat is shedding. 
  •  Your cat will also enjoy the whole process!


Wet and Dry Use

  • You can use the comb from the comfort of your couch or when you give your cat a bath.
  • The silicone material is great for both wet and dry conditions.


Easy to Clean

  • Easily remove your pet's hair from the comb and wash accordingly once the hair is removed. 


PETKIT Cat Brush and Massager

SKU: 018
  • WEIGHT: 0.36 kg 

    Diameter: 7.9 cm

    Thickness: 3.6 cm

    Material: Silicone



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